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The 21 U.S. Supreme Court Questions and / or Enumerations of Error outlined in U.S. Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit Case No. 17-2428 cover current policy issues of great national importants designed to transform our American Mass Incarceration “system”; expect and ensure Public Servant Accountability, Judicial Reform and the Best Interest of a Child; require and guarantee that all citizens of the United States of America, particularly African American Descendants of Slaves and other Disenfranchised communities; finally have access to their inalienable Constitutional Rights, life, liberty, freedom, justice, accountability and equality.   Let’s “Press on” to rightfully change the trajectory of this nation one person… one organization… one profession… one community and one State at a Time for the betterment of our Children and our Children’s- Children!  Let’s work together to “Form a More Perfect Union”!


Teams, Insiders, General Supporters and Concerned Citizens… Thanks as always for LEADING BY EXAMPLE  (I honestly SEE YOU and I thank you!)… with good character, un-wavering values and high integrity!!!  Thank you and may God Bless American and the progressive future of this nation.



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History OR ignored clear FACTS versus…

________________________________ Beginning of November 5, 2019 Message________________________________ 11-9-19 Update It’s ALL a GAME to them and they don’t like loosing, but AGAIN… allow them to Stay Mad and simply Hit Repeat… Stay Woke and Work, side step YOUR Friends, Frenemies and your enemies. You can not control who they have proven or will continue to …

Public Notice of July 23 Wake County NC Courthouse Appearance & Service of Process on additional Et. Al. Defendants

______________________________________ Beginning of July 21, 2019 (AMENDED 11-25-19) Abridged Update _________________________________________ 12-6-19 Hello Everyone! ______________________________________ Beginning of July 21, 2019 (AMENDED 10-7-19) Abridged Update, which can be found in its entirety (with additional EXHIBITS) here…   https://www.facebook.com/kimberly.spence.33/posts/10205935337699924 _________________________________________   12-6-19 Notice   Hello Everyone!   Attached, please find the 12-5-19 response Notice from Georgia Power …

Reminder: I’ve shifted… Don’t expect me to be ME (Old Kim or New Kimberly) FOR YOU!

____________________________________________________ Beginning of September 13, 2019 Message ____________________________________________________ Hello Everyone! I am neither in denial or fooled… or (this is a good one. Thank you, J.D.J.!) expecting you to be me, so alternatively… don’t expect me to be ME  (Old Kim or New Kimberly) for YOU! Again, and so yes (as previously mention on several …

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