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The 21 U.S. Supreme Court Questions and / or Enumerations of Error outlined in U.S. Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit Case No. 17-2428 cover current policy issues of great national importants designed to transform our American Mass Incarceration “system”; expect and ensure Public Servant Accountability, Judicial Reform and the Best Interest of a Child; require and guarantee that all citizens of the United States of America, particularly African American Descendants of Slaves and other Disenfranchised communities; finally have access to their inalienable Constitutional Rights, life, liberty, freedom, justice, accountability and equality.   Let’s “Press on” to rightfully change the trajectory of this nation one person… one organization… one profession… one community and one State at a Time for the betterment of our Children and our Children’s- Children!  Let’s work together to “Form a More Perfect Union”!


Teams, Insiders, General Supporters and Concerned Citizens… Thanks as always for LEADING BY EXAMPLE  (I honestly SEE YOU and I thank you!)… with good character, un-wavering values and high integrity!!!  Thank you and may God Bless American and the progressive future of this nation.



Title: Spencer’s Mom


U.S. Supreme Court Public Updates

Message to African American Descendants of Slaves, Top 5 Special-Special Thanks & Case Update

Beginning of June 16, 2019 Update, which features a Special Message to “Real Men”, the African American Descendants of Slaves Community, Top 5 Special-Special Thanks and an Update on the status of Judge Walczyk’s Order from Wake County, North Carolina. ________________________________________________ Hello Everyone!!! Happy Father’s Day to all of the real Men who have stepped …

Wake County, NC (Judge Walczyk) Case Reminders, Top 5 Special – Special Thanks & a few Thoughts…

Beginning of May 28, 2019 Update ________________________________________________ Hello Everyone!!! This is an extremely important day as Judge Walczyk provided my Attorney Ex-Husband and all et. al. Defendants an additional 30 days to weigh in on the court proceedings in the State of North Carolina.  Per State of North Carolina and State of Georgia statute, they …

If Spencer where Caucasian, would our Politicians & Judges treat him in such a manner?

Beginning of May 19, 2019 Update ________________________________________________ Hello Everyone and Happy Sunday!!! YOU ASKED (again)… Yes, I’m still at work. Faith without works is ___________. Let’s continue to push forward… and move the needle further with a higher calling. Let’s continue to help create awareness of the issues that matter most to We the People …

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