Now Pre-Approving Settlements!!!

Does Anyone Else Need an Approval???



Several mentions… in light of the passing and signing of the Coronas Bill this past Friday and Saturday by Congress and the President, I stopped my settlement payment of my Health Insurance bill and instead made another payment via my USAA Bank Account to my Health Insurance Provider. The April payment should post as early as Friday, April 5th and will be included with the photo-shot proof of ALL other publicly released bills for the month of April.

Also as a mention, I released Public and Non-Public Communication this past Saturday and Sunday, March 29th and March 30th. The Public Communication Release is as follows…

3/29/20 Public Communication Continued…


____________________ (Fill In the Blank).

My Response:

Uh hummm, Great!

Well YOU pick YOUR poison based on…

1.  Book Knowledge,

2.  Hypothesis,

3.  Theories,

4.  “Feelings”, Beliefs, “Dreams”, “Hopes” and “Thoughts and Prayers without actual Works” and / or

5.  Your own Political Agenda…..

AND I’ll pick my poison based on…

1.The proven history of this nation…

2. FACTS and / or factual documentation (includes letters, memo’s, notices, records, orders, recordings, video’s, proper Federal Court Filings, etc.)…

3.  My, William Windsor’s as well as millions of other’s REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES…

4.  The desire to finally have access to the SAME basic human rights and “inalienable” Constitutional Rights that quite a number of you so frequently, freely talk about and…

5.  Other Backroom Facts that I’m not at liberty to FREELY disclose at the moment, K.

However here are several documents that I’ve released to the Public of the past 10+ Years of the Life of the Windsor-Spence US Supreme Court Cases, for inspection and / or review….

***There will be no Public Release of the 3/29/20 Non-Public Communication at this moment…


Good evening!!!

Here are the updates, as followed….
Atlanta Watershed Management cashed their March Payment.  AT&T is the only biller that has an uncashed check for the month of March.

April Payments were sent via my USAA Bank Account moments ago, with the exception of Geico.  I posted their payment via their website. In the event that Georgia Power delays the cashing of their April payment any further than the 1st of April, I will simply remove the original payment submission via my USAA Bank Account and make a payment directly via their internal systems with a notation in their ledger, which indicated the original USAA BanK Check Number…. for tracking / bank reconciliation purposes.  This payment tactic should be familiar by now, but feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
I’ll release a copy of the posted payments via my USAA Bank Account once the majority of the transactions have posted.
Moving on…
Just a reminder that Spencer’s evil – they are certainly ALL Devils at this location – Private Catholic School is Closed and will remains closed until the end of the month.  In keeping with most private schools they have shifted to provide Virtual School / Classes, which Spencer can complete just as easily from the State of North Carolina as he could from the extremely corrupt State of Georgia.
Additionally, in accordance with State and Federal Law, Commencements have been cancelled. An overwhelming majority of them have been moved to a later date of December, In the instance of college or university commencements.   So here again, one can only Whitesplain the use of “Discernment”, but so much.  Devil White Women Swank and Walsck…. Where is the Order pertaining to Spencer?