Now Pre-Approving Settlements!!!

Spencer, SEE YOU SOON… I Love YOU!!! Happy 12th Birthday!!! Remember to keep your head up high!!! Mommy Luvs You! Smiles, Hugs and Kisses!!!

  1. Spencer  ONLY:


To reach Kimberly Spence, please direct your emails to

Spencer Willis – Message from Mommy – 12-19-16


5/8/20 Update


Hello Everyone!!!

Please Forward, Share, Like, Tweet or Re-Tweet this special VIDEO message for Spencer…. until it reaches him!!!

Title: “Come my Way”, I LOVE YOU, WE LOVE YOU!!!

Thanks and enjoy!!!


Title: Spencer’s Mom… a Mother, Spencer’s MOTHER then, right NOW and Always!!!



April 12, 2020 – Happy Easter, Spencer!!!

Mommy LOVES YOU then, NOW and Always!!!

Spencer  ONLY:


To reach Kimberly Spence, please direct your emails to .

* Due to interference beyond my control… Email accounts and are currently disabled. I hope that they will be back online soon. In the meantime, email accounts will rotate based on the familiar social media accounts that have graced the web for more than a decade. Thanks for your patience with ALL of this!



Spencer, the State of North Carolina arm, which has granted you a Full Scholarship to any private school in the State of North Carolina (for several years now) would like to know which school You would like to attend.

Here’s my abridged response to the contact….

Good morning, _________!

I am trying my best not to be evasive, believe me. I have narrowed the schools. I am simply awaiting a court Order, which would allow Spencer the opportunity to visit and select the school of his choice… anywhere in the State of North Carolina.

Again, I am simply waiting for the court to issue another Order of protection pertaining to this particular issue and a few other outstanding issues, which requires resolution by them in order for me to be able to legally pick-up Spencer.

I apologize for any inconvenience!!!

If you need me to list a school informally, with you only… then please select ____________. It’s near my Wake County address, no-one will have any qualms about Spencer attending this particular school and I have until August to change the school location, if needed

Thanks for all that you do and best!

Title: Spencer’s Mom… a Mother then, NOW and Always!!!



Posted by Kimberly Spence on Tuesday, 7 February 2017

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