Public Notice of July 23 Wake County NC Courthouse Appearance & Service of Process on additional Et. Al. Defendants

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    Beginning of July 21, 2019  (AMENDED 8-11-19) Abridged Update

Hello Everyone!

Attached, please find yesterday’s proof of payment for the Federal Court filing Fees, Proof of yet another form of Certificate of Service upon the Defendants / Et Al Defendants and the Judicial Order to Dismiss August 21, 2019 Show Cause Hearing for (rationale) “filed a Certificate of Completion of Credit Counseling and is now in Compliance…”, which is currently in the process of being Amended to include the actual rational for the Dismissal required… proof (in the record) and statement (Certificate of Service) that I provided Notice of the Case as well as Notice of the August 2, 2019 Meeting of Creditors to ALL of the Defendants and / or Et Al Defendants.

I will reserve interpretation of the above and have no other information to provide at this time. A signed statement and a copy of my State of North Carolina issued drivers’ license number and / or “Real ID”, as verified for State and Federal purposes has been provided to State of North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein to ensure that my addresses remain protected under the Address Confidentiality Program. Proof of delivery and / or a delivery confirmation will be filed into the Federal Court record.


Title: Spencer’s Mom



August 11, 2019 Update

Public Notice:  
I will not be filing a Notice of Removal to Remove Judge Walczk’s (Wake County) Orders (Including 9 Months of Continuances) out of the jurisdictional hands of the State of North Carolina… and into the Federal Court System above the State of North Carolina, on Appeal.
Judge Kimberly Swank (US District Court Eastern District of North Carolina) ALREADY ruled on the exact same case errors right before  Judge Walczyk issued her Orders.  Please note that Judge Kimberly Swank (Federal Judge in Greensboro, NC) and / or the US District Court Eastern District of North Carolina Judge accepted legal jurisdiction over all of the cases after the US District Court Northern District of Georgia Atlanta Division’s Chief Judge Thomas Thrash CHOSE to relinquish jurisdiction over the cases to the Federal Court System above the State of North Carolina in YEAR 2017.  
After the cases were accepted by the Federal Court System above the State of North Carolina, the cases moved past the US District Court Trial Court Level, where in Judge Kimberly Swank was the Assigned Judge as per Order of the Court by the Chief Judge of the US District Court Eastern District of North Carolina, who relinquished his authority over the cases to Judge Kimberly Swank in yet another failed attempt to erroneously dismiss the cases.
It should also be noted that the cases are WAAAAYYYYYY past the Appeals Court level in the US Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit, given another failed attempt to erroneously dismiss the cases.  In as much, the cases are currently sitting in the hands of Pat Connor, Clerk of the US Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit and awaiting transmittal to Michael Duggan, US Supreme Court Clerk to resolve “ALL” of the un-resolved issues pertaining corruption and / or the intentional and malicious continuation or Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights Violations…. as clearly demonstrated and proven over the past 10 years.

Let me repeat the above again, I will not be filing a Notice of Removal…. so that a new set of Judges can try to cover-up for the recently proven corruption (Video’s, Audio Recordings, Order’s, etc.) by wiping out Judge Walczyk’s, Judge Swanks or a few other Judges intentionally, bogus orders.  Instead, as previously mentioned on several – several occasions and / or prior to AND after the Judges decision to participate in the corruption, I will be filing a Notice of Filing to place recent proof of corruption into the Federal Court Record.  The Federal Court Record is a huge part (evidence) of the overall case, which will be heard as mandated, controlling and intervening questions of the law by the US Supreme Court Justices who have already seen (TWICE before under the previous Attorney Lead White House Administration and US Department of Justice) the existing 21 Enumerations of Error, as listed in all of the Federal Court cases.

Let me repeat this key point again for the third time… I will not be filing a Notice of Removal for the Fourth Time on these cases.  The legal errors in this “new” case involve the same UNRESOLVED errors and / or Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights Violations in all of the “old” cases.  I’m not going to file a Notice of Removal… because…. wait for it… I don’t have to! The proof and / or evidence related to legal errors are already in the record.  The only thing that is required of me and / or this third wave of U.S. Supreme Court cases is that I provide the US Supreme Court Justices additional – recent proof of the same “mandated to rule on, controlling and intervening questions of the law” or legal errors that THEY CHOSE to leave unresolved under the previous White House administration for a decade… because they could, with Attorney’s and / or members of their profession having absolutely control over all of the “leadership” positions in our government.

I guess… let that sink in, or not.

In the meantime, I will be working my personal Bankruptcy case so that a small portion of my financial losses can be assessed and assigned a dollar figure.  The assessed dollar figure will then be levied against the Et Al Defendants who (in accordance with the existing Federal Court 21 Enumerations of Error) will be required to pay back and / or reimburse all of my financial losses PERSONALLY in the form of restitution, instead of requiring that tax payers foot the bill (restitution) for THEIR intentional errors.  Again, I have expressed on many occasions that I do not believe that tax payer should continue to foot the bill for individuals who chosen to intentionally participate in corruption.  
All of the named Et Al Defendants still have their tax payer funded jobs and they collect  and / or receive a paycheck, pension, health insurances benefits and perks in exchange for their “services”.  Since they insist of keeping their tax payer funded jobs, they can afford to pay for their intentional legal errors with their savings, investments, retirement plans or even by selling off their personal property (Homes, Vehicles, Businesses, etc.), if need be… until their debts are paid in full  I shouldn’t be stuck with the debt that they intentionally created as a result of their intentional legal errors.  I also don’t believe that wherever possible, tax payers should continue being stuck footing the bill for controllable legal errors, wherein citizens, particularly African American Descendants of Slaves DESERVE and should finally receive restitution.

In summation, the bankruptcy case simply establishes recent proof of ongoing financial harm, as required by the US Supreme Court Justices.


Title: Spencer’s Mom




Beginning of August 3, 2019 Abridged Update

Hello Everyone!!!

Yesterday I testified under oath (recorded) for more than an hour in Federal Court, file the appropriate documents to prevent the cases from being dismissed earlier that morning and walked away without being fraudulently incarcerated.

It was indeed a good day!!!

Yes I have updates, but I will reserve commentary until the court has issued its latest set of Orders on the currently proposed Plan, as filed and the August 21, 2019 Hearing on “Order to Show Cause as to why this case should not be dismissed OR OTHER SANCTIONS IMPOSED for failure to: Serve Chapter 13 Plan”.

I have no additional information to provide at this time!!!


Title: Spencer’s Mom


End of Message


Beginning of July 23, 2019  Abridged Update

Hello Everyone!!!

It has come to my attention that Judge Warren (not assigned Judge Kimberly Swank) of the US District Court Eastern District of North Carolina issued an Order (July 22, 2019) to Show Cause of proof of service, upon the Et Al Defendants via Certificate of Service, rather than the actual proof of service upon the Et Al. Defendants labeled “Motion to Take Judicial Notice of Adjudicative Facts &Notice of Filing of Recent Proof of Service”, which was filed on July 23, 2019 and labeled  a report.  How “unusual”.

As a reminder I am a Pro Se litigant and in as much, I am not held to the same standards as an actual Attorney who attended law school, passed the bar exam to obtain a license or even a para professional who has practiced law in a professional capacity. In as much, the court COULD have simply construed that the words “Proof of Service” was in fact a “Certificate of Service”, instead of attempting to dismiss the case is error… which would haves caused additional – clear errors. 

Thankfully, this latest attempt to erroneously dismiss the case without cause, per Statute, did not occur.  

To reset this latest attempt to dismiss the cases erroneously, I will be filing a Certificate of Service, which specifically states that I Served the Chapter 13 Plan to all Et. Al Defendants via PACER and / or the Courts Electronic system, as indicated on the Courts Chapter 13 Bankruptcy forms AND via USPS Certified Mail, UPS and Fed-Ex… as filed on July 23, 2019 as “Proof of Service”.

I will also file a Motion to Dismiss Order to Show Cause… because I did provide proof of Proper Service, as ALREADY indicated in the record, which the Judge can clearly see.

Notice: Our Hearing is set for tomorrow, August 2, 2019 in Federal Court (Raleigh, NC).

I have no additional information to provide at this time.


Title: Spencer’s Mom


Good Everyone!!!

I have Orders from Judge Walczyk, a surprise response…

(for the very first time – ever in any case outside of the State of Georgia – Fulton County, spanning 10 years, which is Filed and Date Stamped (LMBO) January 17, 2019, after Attorney Willis failed to appear at our January 8, 2019 hearing on a Final Order of Protection, etc. on January 8, 2019.  As you may recall, Attorney Willis knew about the hearing proceedings well enough to hire a Service Processor “to have me served” in open, Wake County Courthouse ON ADDITIONAL FULTON COUNTY, GA (wherein I have been banned, since year 2013) Cases… Additional Felony Charges…. with the intent to have me fraudulently incarcerated, again) Filed against me for seeing and attempting to see my own biological child, Spencer (whom I have intentional not been allowed to see for more than 5 years, due to the corruption and the intentional decision of the Judges in all of the cases, who have intentionally chosen to leave the cases un-resolved in an effort to protect their colleagues from accountability and the appearance of their “legal”  – “profession” as a whole…. at Spencer’s #AtlantaUnited Soccer Match (See Video).  As a reminder, the Defendants rational for the Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights Violations is that they had no other choice, but to steal Spencer, hide out with him and keep him from me for several years… BECAUSE I am “mentally insane” and such a deranged – incapacitated – psychopath or lunatic that Attorney Willis, the Judges, #AtlantaUnited, Spencer’s School Officials, etc. NEEDED to keep Spencer away from me, other children and the community for his, their and the community’s protection; which (by the way) is already a point of Defense that has already been legally decided on by Judge Kimberly Swank in the US District Court Eastern District of North Carolina and she mad absolutely no mention of this Defense as a valid – Legal rational…  because there is no proof of these (obviously) malicious and harmful rumors and lies.  So again, good luck with sticking to that Defense when the Federal US Department of Justice Charles are finally – rightfully filed against you.  As a reminder, I had an ACTUAL – extensive mental health evaluation by a licensed professional who is licensed in 5 separate States and has over 40 years of actual experience… not only evaluating citizens, but institutionalizing them for their safety and the safety of the general public… AND YET ____________ (Full in the Blank).

… Written and Filed Defense for the Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights Cases filed by my Attorney Ex-Husband under the Wake County, North Carolina Cases.  Defense (by professional trade for more than 15 years) Attorney Willis did however fail to appear in open court to provide testimony and per Judge Walczyk (who insisted on Re-trying the cases and taking additional sworn testimony all over again for the second time, as if I didn’t have the first Hearing on November 30, 2018 at InterAct, an off-site location.), none of the sword Affidavits (including his) or any of my Sword Affidavits, videos in the record, etc. would be considered.


This of course begs the question… if Attorney Willis’s sworn Affidavit and / or Appearance and subsequent “evidence” against me were not being considered yesterday or any other day for that matter by Judge Walczyk in her ruling via Order of the Court AND Attorney Willis failed (once again) to appear in open court to provide testimony and / or a defense to his actions and / or choices, then why didn’t Judge Walczyk issue the overdue (since our January 8th Hearing, wherein the Defendant failed to appear, but hired a service processor to appear in open court, instead to have me “served” on his Fulton County, GA cases) AND anticipated…for 6 years under the use of “Discernement” by multiple Judges in two separate States…. Default Final Order and Judgement in the cases?

IDK???  IC!!!  Thankfully, Judge Walczyk “Whitesplained” or did “Whitesplain”…

(Translation: White person “explaining” and making excuses for irrational foolishness like this, which only makes sense in their own privileged world, based on their personal and professional agenda’s rather than the actual enforcement of the Constitution and Statues that they took an Oath to govern themselves by.)

and / or provide written and oral (audio recorded) rational for her use of “Discernment” as to why she failed to enter a Default Order and Judgement against the Defendant, although he failed to appear and was obviously aware of the Court Appearance as he hired a service processor to “serve” me in open court on January 8th, was properly served via  Publication…. his own Service Processor in the State of North Carolina on January 8th, my hires Service Processor in the State of Georgia… AND it appears that the Fulton County Sheriffs…

(Thankfully, Yah!!!  This just means that no other Judge can continue to use their “Discernment” to determine that Attorney Willis (or any other Et Al Defendant) wasn’t served by the other forms of proper service.)

…were able to locate him at the Fulton County Courthouse where he works to properly serve him for the 4th time some time in May.  Now it only took the Sheriffs six months to locate him at their same place of employment, but the point is that they did and I am thankful because it dead’s any other discussions about proper service upon him or any of the other Et. Al. Defendants who have been properly served in the past as well as recently on the Federal Court cases spanning 10 years.


Back to the point…

Attorney Willis failed to make an appearance… Judge Walczyk (minimally) should have entered a Default Judgement is my favor on January 8th, but she failed to do so.  Instead, she issued erroneous continuances on the cases for months on end (totaling 8 months) and in the end divided to use her “Discernment” to ignore (refuse to do her job) the evidence in yesterday’s ruling, in an attempt to force a ruling (strategy) under a Fourth Federal Court Cases in the US District Court Eastern District of North Carolina, which is intended to wipe out Judge Kimberly Swank’s recent ruling in the US District Court Eastern District of North Carolina, which will be joined with the bankruptcy case and all the other properly joined cases.  However, nice try…. a fourth case will not be filed because I WILL NOT be filing “Errors” and / or the exact same “Discernment” “Errors” that Judge Kimberly Swank in the US District Court Eastern District of North Carolina just ruled on approximately a year+ ago.  Again, Judge Kimberly Swank already established legal jurisdiction over the cases, heard the cases and ruled on the cases as un-resolved Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights Violations Case and / or properly filed Court proceedings, the will be joined with the bankruptcy case to further establish harm as she is the Assigned Judge (Motion Filed) who already ruled on this and the other issues laid out in the bankruptcy court filing.  It should also be noted that it is her Duty to issue and Order, per statute pertaining to the minor child, Spencer prior to the cases transmission to the US Supreme Court Justices… since Judicial representatives from the State of Georgia and the State of North Carolina have failed two do so for 6 years.  Let me be clear… the results of the issuance of her Orders pertaining to the minor child, Spencer are not my fault or my problem. You have used six long years of my as well as Spencer’s life to resolve these in-resolved matters and you chose not to.

This message appears to require repeating, particularly for the State of North Carolina as Wake County, NC Judge Walczyk ruled that the incidents of Domestic Violence happened Waaaayyyy tooo long ago for her to issue an Order or protection, but she failed to mention that I could not seek an Order of protection from Fulton County, GA due to the ban (the Order is in the Wake County, NC record), the Fulton County Sheriffs failed to charge (the police reports are in the Wake County, NC record) Attorney Willis with the incident and when I filed the case in Harnett County, NC (Attorney Willis placed this Order and the State of North Carolina Supreme Court Order into the Wake County, NC case record as an Exhibit… not me, so blame him.) for relief in a timely manner, Harnett County, NC Judge Robert Bryant in open Court (the audio version of the hearing is already in the Federal Court record) stated that he felt bad for me, but that he would not be issue a ruling in my favor in this case and that I would not find ANY Judge in this country that would rule against another judge.  Years later… his statement was clearly accurate as Judge Walczyk refused to uphold her Oath of Office and rule on the cases in order to protect her judicial colleagues who have so egregiously erred in all of the previous cases that it’s now a Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights Violations Case with serious consequences via he US Department of Justice for the individuals who chose of their own free will to participate in the corruption.

As for the recent proof of #AtlantaUnited / #SuntrustBank (Atlanta United Sponsor) Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights (Video’s and Testimony into the record, yesterday), judge Walczyk felt that the use of Stand Your Ground tactics against me in the presence of the minor Child, Spencer who was waving profusely at me while I blew kisses and shouted “I love you” from a far did not amount to abuse against me or the minor child, Spencer because the Sheriff’s chose to use the Stand Your Ground Tactics against me, leave threatening messages and use search tactics to hunt me down at all sorts of times during the day and night for years… and as recently as 4:00 AM in the morning (per my neighbors severance camera’s at my home in Atlanta), didn’t amount to Abuse of Government Authority or a threat to my person… BECAUSE (on Court Audio)…. Wait for it…. the Sheriff’s acted on their own. Yes, of course I mentioned that the Sheriffs REaCTED to the too numerous to count Felony Charges that he levied against me at an Attorney and the the Fulton County Judges issued Sheriff enforceable Orders… based on Attorney Willis Erroneously Court filings, which indicate that I am “Mentally Insane”, without even one shred of evidence from a Licensed mental health professional or even a shred of evidence in any of my medical records spanning 45 years indicated that I am mentally insane or EVEN a threat to myself or especially a threat to my child or anyone else for that matter.  Yet hear again, Judge Walczyk Whitesplains here use of “Discernment” in open court as to why I should not require an Order of Protection from the Defendants, “the Sheriff’s did it” and / or “the dog ate my cat”. Sigh.

I’ll share Judge Walczyk’s Orders and the audio recordings of the court proceedings in another full version update.

Back to the point…

Okay, so other responses were received, orally or in writing by any of the other Et. Al. Defendants.  In as much, the Orders will simply be filed as a Notice of Filing for the US Supreme Court Justices, under the open US District Court Eastern District of North Carolina Bankruptcy Case, as properly joined with all of the other Federal Court cases spanning 10 years.

Please Take Notice, all of the un-resolved Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights Violiations “issues”, as listed in the Federal Court cases for several years, under two separate US Supreme Court cases have already been seen, heard and ruled on twice by the US Supreme Court Justices under the previous Attorney lead White House Administrstion.

As the issues remain un-resolved, they will be transmitted once again for the third time by Pat Connor, Clerk of the US Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit to Michael Duggan, Clerk for the US Supreme Court Justices as soon as the Assigned Federal Court Judge (Motion Filed as she already recently ruled on all other un-resolved matters as presented as a Defense in Wake County, NC cases and used (“Discernment”) by Judge Walczyk via Order of the Court and Oral testimony.) in yesterday’s Wake County, NC proceedings.

Also as a mention, I will be submitting a request to have both Wake County, NC records transmitted into the current – open Federal Count record (Bankruptcy Case), which will be properly joined with all of the other Federal Court cases spanning 10 years..:: whose un-resolved issues (21 Enumerations of Error) have already been properly Joined with William Windsor’s Cases (the second Plaintiff) and / or Legal Error as Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights Violations Cases originating from multiple States.

I have no other information to provide at this time, but will release the Orders, the response from Attorney Willis (whose Defense has already been seen, heard and ruled on by Judge Kimberly Swank in the US District Court Eastern District of North Carolina well over a year ago), along with the audio recording of yesterday’s proceedings (The State of North Carolina Courts records ever proceedings, which can be transcribed by their select Court Reporter, but will not be in this this instance.  Been there, done that an I already know the game.  Court Reporter Carolyn Richardson (an Et Al Defendant) refused to transcribe the last State of North Carolina proceedings from Harnett County, NC to intentionally ensure that Judge Bryant’s Oral testimony, as to the rationale for his use of his “Discernment”, for not issuing a protective Order in the case and rightfully returning Spencer (with the use of long arm statues) was “legally” blocked when Court Reporter Carolyn Richardson refused to uphold her Oath of Office an so her actual job, which is to transcribe court proceedings and properly place the transcriptions into the record.  Alternatively, the audio version of the Harnett County Court proceedings was filed into the existing Federal Court, as will be the case with all of Judge Walczyk’s testimony, as an existing Federal Court Error resulting in the issues pertaining to the Best Interest of the Minor Child, Spencer remaining un-resolved for the past 6 years.

Plan accordingly.  The results of your choices are not my fault or my problem.

Title: Spencer’s Mom

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