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Beginning of July 3, 2019 Update (AMENDED 7-10-19. which features a personal announcement, REMINDER: I am NOT the Only Plaintiff in the US Supreme Court Cases and the State of Georgia and the State of North Carolina are NOT the only States represented by the US Supreme Court cases, Hot Topic: Equality, Equity & Inclusion, Top 5 Special-Special Thanks, the Brand new “Into the Light” Segment and an update on Judge Walczyk’s impending Order from Wake County. North Carolina.


   Hello Everyone and Happy 4th of July!

By now, I am certain that you heard that I filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in the State of North Carolina on Monday, July 1, 2019.

Since then, I have been notify critical Judges in Fulton County (GA), Harnett County (NC), Wake County (NC), and the Federal Court contacts above both States, as well as key Et. Al. Defendants as they will be impacted by the impending ruling in Federal Court, which will prove financial harm, as required by the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Okay, so here is the short version of my personal circumstances, fast-fact why’s. ..

1.   I owe less than $35K on my Home in Atlanta, Georgia

2.   Chapter 13 Bankruptcy protects citizens from losing their homes, as long as they are employed and / or have an income.  I do.

3.   I work low wage jobs, but I meet the requirements for a Chapter 13 filing,

4.   It should also be noted that each State has its own Exemptions, which are separate and apart from Federal Government Exemptions.   In my opinion, an exemption is designed to protect the consumer from losing primary, critical assets like their home, car, personal belongings, etc.. Given my personal circumstances related to being financially fleeced out of approximately 1 million dollars over the last 10 years, (again) due in part to corruption within our most vital “systems” of government, this amount is a drop in the bucket compared to my losses.  However at this point, I will take whatever is legally available to me to (in essence) help begin my financial recovery.

5.   The State of North Carolina offers a $35K Homestead Exemption, which essentially means that my home is automatically protected under a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing, given that I only owe less than $35K on my mortgage.  Yes, with researching my personal circumstances over the weekend, I noted that Exemption amounts vary by category and by State, with regards to  protection shelter amounts.

6.   As mentioned over the years, I am a North Carolina Resident who owns property in the State of Georgia.  The property ownership in the State of Georgia legally permits me to also claim dual residency and / or jurisdiction over the existing Federal Court cases.  It’s also no secret (again) that maintaining ownership of the property in Atlanta, Georgia and / or jurisdiction over the Federal legal cases is key to having the ability to have the U.S. Supreme Court rule on my existing 21 Enumerations of Error, which pertains to the Best Interest of a Child…

(Spencer… like the chocolate little black boy that was actually created on the inside of my body and actually grew on the inside of MY BODY, not yours or anyone else’s and then was raised by me FOR YEARS, until he was forcible and shamelessly stolen and / or … specifically the Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights “Issues” that remain un-resolved for 6 long years after issuance of erroneous, malicious and intention Orders of the Court)

…, Judicial Reform, Dismantling draconian laws pertaining to the 13th Amendment and / or Mass Incarceration “Systems”, Public Servant Accountability…

(So that I may finally have the fraudulent Felony arrest and incarceration for contempt and / or requesting my legal right to see my own actual- biological child, Spencer removed from my record and I can once again pass background checks for meaningful employment, future housing, higher education, etc.) 

…, etc.  After 10 years of being intentionally “dragged”, having my only child intentionally stolen and kept from me as a Jim Crow Era Retaliatory Tactic designed to punish me for speaking out about the high level of corruption in our most vital systems of government and being expected to live with and under such harsh (Use of the Sheriff’s, Private Schools, #AtlantaUnited Videos, etc.) and inhumane conditions,…

(The fraudulent Ban, Arrest, etc. took place in 2013 via Erroneous Order of the Court and since then NO JUDICIAL OFFICER OF THE COURT IN TWO SEPARATE STATES AND TWO SEPARATE FEDERAL COURT ‘SYSTEMS” HAVE STEPPED FORWARD TO COURSE CORRECT THE ERROR because they have been more concerned about protecting their legal colleagues and the appearance of their profession as a whole.)

…this is not only the legal thing to do, it is the right thing to do.

7.   I filed and pay taxes in the State of North Carolina and I registered my business, etc. in the State of North Carolina, for the purposes of paying into their unemployment system.

8.   State of North Carolina Statute provides that a citizen “can” (as long as they have access to their legal “inalienable” constitutional rights) qualify for up to $35K in Homestead Exemptions and other key Exemptions pertaining to my car and belongings, as long as I can prove that I lived in the State of North Carolina 180 days prior to the filing of my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Uhm… I have lived in the State of North Carolina for wells over 180 days awaiting Judge Walczyk’s Order of the Court, which should have been issued no later than January 8th as a Default Judgment.  I was also forced to live in the State of North Carolina for well over 4 years in total after being forced to leave the State of Georgia due to corruption.  So as far as I am concerned, the fact that I had to flee the State of Georgia and return to my birth home State and / or the State of North Carolina for more than 180 days straight prior to the filing of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, IS NOT my fault OR my problem.  I legally have the right to access benefits entitled all State of North Carolina residents.

9.   State of North Carolina requires the use of their Exemptions, for all of their residence above the Federal Governments Exceptions and according to Federal statute, I am not entitled to the State of Georgia Exemptions.  I have not lived in the State of Georgia for the last consecutive 180 Days, as required by Federal Statute.

10.  There are (again) quite a number of other Exemptions that I qualify for, under State of North Carolina. There are also additional Exemptions that are extending to me from the State of North Carolina, via the Federal Government Exemptions.

11.  The statements above pertaining to Exceptions are not to be misconstrued as legal advise. I am not an Attorney and I have simply provided you with examples of my personal circumstances and options pertaining only to me.

12.   I am not only entitled to the Exemptions, I NEED all of them to pay down even a small fraction of the 1 million dollar debt due and accumulated over the past 10 years.

13.  My personal Chapter 13 Bankruptcy paperwork indicates that I owe approximately $77K.  $21,000 of this amount is personal loans stuff… I.E. Nearly $16K left on my auto loan.  The remainder of the $50K is student loans. Now I should mention that I worked three jobs to pay for my education at Clack Atlanta University. Although I was a military brat and entitled to an educational scholarship, I never received funding and relied on my jobs and a few scholarships to offset my student loans. I owed approximately $20K when I left Clark Atlanta University.  The rest of the approximate $30K in student loans accrued as an unpaid debt (Forbearance, etc.) balance over the course of these past 10 years while being intentionally fleeced out of everything that I have, including my child and professionally blackballed.

14.  Given my personal “unique” circumstances, I am asking that all of this debt be wiped out free and clear for the most part, with me paying back only what I actually accrued as debt outside of the past 10 years’ worth of “shenanigans”. I am asking (by joining all of the Federal Court Cases) that the individuals responsible for levying crimes that have costs attached to them be responsible for paying back the debt via an offset judgment of the Court, as permitted by law.  In as much, I filed a Motion for Assigned Judge Kimberly Swank to Hear all case matters in the U.S. District Court Eastern District of North Carolina as she already decided on quite a number of the key issues or form of conflict by researching the case and its complexity for more than a year before she actually issued her ruling.  It would make no sense to have another Judge who is unfamiliar with the case start from scratch and “research” the case for another year.  All of this “research” by judges who know the difference between right and wrong AND that clearly this is a Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights cases that has been dragged out for 6 years needs to cease.  It does not take 6 years for them to determine that 2+2 = 4 and / or that Spencer is my biological child and I have intentionally not been allowed to see him for 6 years.  So again, the Motion to request that Assigned Judge Kimberly Swank Hear all Case Matters in the U.S. District Court Eastern District of North Carolina has been properly filed.

15.  No-one should have a problem with any of the above, especially considering that Judges, Politicians, Civil Rights “Leaders”, Religious folks, etc., have been “working” on resolving the above problems for 10 years and have been paid Salaries, Health Insurance, Pensions, Perks, etc. for their work, but somehow they could not resolve not only my issues, but the same and / or similar “issues” of African American Descendants of Slaves spanning the past 50 years. This Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing appears to be a legally good option to begin returning what has been stolen or erroneously, financially fleeced in error.

Okay, moving on…

Just a KEY REMINDER:  I am NOT THE ONLY CITIZEN listed as a Plaintiff in the existing US Supreme Court Cases and the State of Georgia and the State of North Carolina are NOT THE ONLY STATES represented by the existing US Supreme Court Cases.

The second citizen that was properly joined as a Plaintiff in the existing Windsor-Spence U.S. Supreme Court Cases, which have already been properly joined with US Court of Appeals Case No. 18-1790 and 17-2428 is William Windsor.

William Windsor lived in Marietta, Georgia – Cobb County…

(a suburb of Atlanta and the location of the #AtlantaUnited Training Grounds.  Please note that aside from the #AtlantaUnited Video, which captures clear proof of Habeas Corpus and William Windsor’s case, I have a separate case tied into the County, with evidence that has already been submitted into the Federal Court record.)

 at the same time that I lived in Atlanta, Georgia – Fulton County.

In as much, his cases originated out of the State of Georgia, just like mine, but a separate county in the State.  In as much, there is no way around omitting (illegally and especially legally or otherwise) the State of Georgia as the LEAD State that committed most, if not all of the 21 Enumerations of Error that the US Supreme Court Justices have already seen twice under properly docketed cases numbers in the past 10 years, without resolution and again, under the previous Attorney – lead White House Administration, Department of Justice Attorney’s and Attorney-Lead members of Congress.  Let me repeat this again, so that there is no misunderstanding.  The existing, unresolved 21 Enumerations of Error in the existing Windsor-Spence US Supreme Court Cases, along with the extensive proof of corruption spanning over 10 years… which has already been presented into the Federal Court record are what they are… which is Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights Violations, under  a Federal Jurisdiction – Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights Class Action Lawsuit.

There is no way around the existing proof that two County’s in the State of Georgia are involved..

 (no longer “allegedly involved”.  We are waaaayyyy past the Federal Trial and Appeals Court Level in the U.S. District Court Northern District of Georgia Atlanta Division (3x’s), US District Court Eastern District of North Carolina (on the 4th wave of filings) and the US Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit (3x’s)

…in corruption from the State of Georgia. So unless the powers that be somehow erroneously delete (my choice words because there is actually no way to remove an existing Plaintiff, legally from the Federal Court cases) William Windsor as a Plaintiff from the existing Federal Court Cases, The State of Georgia will ALWAY remain the primary Defendant in the Federal Court case.  Like, there’s no way around that.

Additionally, once William Windsor was forced to flee the State of Georgia (just like I was forced to leave the State of Georgia under threat), he (of course) traveled to other States, including the State of Texas.  It should be noted that the State of Texas and other States listed in the Federal Court cases were supposed to be safe haven States for him as a Caucasian Man.  However they were not. Again, even as a Republican White male Grandpa simply requesting his privileged right to access constitutional rights, he was targeted, shot at (forced to wear a bullet proof vest and is not in hiding.  Oh and need I forget, he was erroneously incarcerated for 6 months in several State jails, due to the Felony charge of “ proper service upon the defendants in his existing State and Federal Court cases”, which in (I guess) other States would simple be considered a required pre-requisite for ANY case (Proper Service) to have the ability to proceed in a court proceeding.

Remember???  This is why Judge Walczyk (Wake County, North Carolina) hasn’t been able to issue the Arrest Warrant that would permit the legal right for me to step foot in the State of Georgia (without being under threat) to rightfully claim my own biological child, Spencer… after six long years of the Judges, Officer’s of the Court, Politicians, Civil Rights “Leaders”, Religious folk, School Officials, #AtlantaUnited, etc’s. decision to intentionally withhold and/ or keep my own child from me, in an effort to  protect their colleagues from accountability, their professions reputation as a whole, their community standing as public figures and their “Investment” (private school tuition, sponsorship money from corporations, etc.) in a little black boy named Spencer, MY CHILD and an actual human being who deserved and still deserves more than having to be used as a political pawn or bait to get to  and / or continue to attempt to silence me about the rampant corruption in our most vital “systems” of government.

Yeah, like remember Judge Walczyk’s proper service requirements, which I met???  Well the same service requirements and notifications weren’t the same requirements for William Windsor and he ended up spending 6 months in several different State jails. Yes, there is an even longer story behind all of this, which involved extraditions to other States and a million dollar bond, if I can recall.  In summation, Insiders worked really hard to locate him. He was finally released from jail only with the help of an extensive create awareness campaign.

Back to my point…

William Windsor’s cases also involve the U.S. Court of Appeals Eleventh Circuit (over the State of Georgia), just like my originating cases and several other U.S. District Courts and several other U.S. Court of Appeals.

He is (again) now in hiding and rightfully so.  His actual “crime” was traveling across the U.S. to collect and post video testimony from citizens in every State, which outlined the high level of corruption in our most vital “systems” of government, specifically the judicial “system”;  not the felony charge of securing proper service of the Defendants in his cases and properly notifying the Defendants in his State and Federal Court cases that a cases was pending against them.

As another mention, his name was placed first as a plaintiff in the Federal Court Cases (Windsor-Spence US Supreme Court Cases) because he truly is an American Hero.  He held a march on Washington to present personal video testimony from citizens all across this great nation who have been impacted by corruption in  every single State and passed on the video testimonies to each and every member of Congress.

Under the previously Attorney-Lead White House Administration, he also provided extensive, citizen recommendations on legislative policy changes, that are designed to better protect citizens from rampant corruption in our most vital systems of government, THIS… while I argued the same request for policy changes in the form of the 21 Enumerations of Error before the Supreme Court of Georgia, the Supreme Court of North Carolina, the US District Court Northern District of Georgia Atlanta Division, the U.S. District Court Eastern District of North Carolina, The US Court of Appeal Eleventh Circuit, the US Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit (3x’s in a span of 10 years) and the US Supreme Court (twice, under the previous Attorney – Lead White House Administration.).

While I have always worked with Insiders, William Windsor risked his life to work with the general public.  He is in fact the living Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. OF THIS GENERATION and rightfully has a whole bunch of die-hard followers, nationwide.

So, again… please keep all of the above in mind before you get waaayyyy to far and / or lost in additional corruption schemes that are designed to attempt to negate holding the Et. Al Defendants in the cases accountable for their choices and their actions.

When you consider that the Windsor-Spence US Supreme Court cases span more than 10 years… just know, understand and appreciate the fact that they have run their course through multiple State and Federal court “systems”, State Legislative Houses, Political Figures, Civil Rights “Leaders”, Insiders, the General Public, etc…

(For example, the 21 Enumerations of Error were originally written and introduced by me under the Gold Dome as the Georgia Civil Liberties Act, with the help of a former political colleague, who was later forced out of office under the “old / current guard” in retaliation for helping me and / or allowing me to write thia much needed legislation on behalf of the citizens of Georgia.)

…, each and every single State to capture and gather real life testimony from citizens who simply desire and deserve access to their “inalienable” constitutional rights, the rightful return of their children (in far too many shameful instances just like mine) and the restoration of their liberty (including expungement of erroneous arrest and incarceration records), freedom, justice and YES, the pursuit of happiness.

The Windsor-Spencer US Supreme Court cases are in fact a bi-partisan initiative.  William Windsor and I are both formerly affiliated with opposing political parties.


Moving on to today’s Hot Topic: Equality, Equity & Inclusion

 Okay, so the subject of Equality, Equity and Inclusion is (once again) a hot topic so I thought that I would voice my opinion.

For centuries, this nation has espoused the notion of Equality for all, with the exception of African American Descendants of Slaves.

In acknowledgement that Equality “for All” excludes minority communities (and out of political correctness), this nation shifted to purport the notion of Equity “for All”, which also (in practice) excludes African American Descendants of Slaves.

The practical application of “notions” and the fulfillment of “promising” “dreams”, “hopes”… as well as theories, plays a significant role in the proven results of the present day status of our modern day inner cities and rural communities… communities that were once vibrant, family oriented – safe havens for the African American Descendants of Slaves community, less than 50 years ago.

Please note that I am fully aware that such a thing existed and still exists today, primarily in the South because my home in Atlanta, Georgia is in a middle class retirement community that is surrounded by upper middle class or wealthy – all African American Descendants of Slaves subdivisions.  It’s not unusual to see or run into State and US Members of Congress, Ambassador’s, former Mayor’s, Judges, Doctor’s, Athletes, Celebrities, etc. at one of the local stores or simply passing by on their and our way to work.  In fact on my last trip to Atlanta, I stopped by a local grocery and home improvement store, wherein I spotted the current Mayor, the former Mayor’s Chief of Staff and a member of the US Congress (with his handler, whom I recognized from more than a decade ago) in the span of a one hour trip around the block and / or drive through the community.

The above is yet another mention because I know the reality of what the African American Descendants of Slaves community looked like and felt like just 50 short years ago, before the death of Dr. King and the shift of political power and structures that places other political agendas above the African American Descendants of Slaves Community and its current agenda.

It is with this knowledge and understanding that (quite honestly), I was taken aback when I noticed that a White Family had moved into my subdivision and for the first time I noticed a few Caucasians at the local grocery store.  Past the earnestly warm hello’s, I cringed at the thought of having to change the family oriented, culturally accepted norms of this safe community to fit the “requirements’ of the majority community, especially when a transition like this will come at a clear and direct cost to the African American Descendants of Slaves community who have for centuries been ‘marginalized”.  Like it’s no secret that little black boys that grow up to be men are viewed as a threat. Spencer is a little black boy and while I completely understand that I will have to have “the Talk” with him, my desire was and still is that that he would have a normal life, which means that his life will have to return to normal… so that he can  experience a normal childhood for as long as he can… before he (as a little black boy) becomes the societal view of the “threatening” Black Man.  This… plus the fact that I know that the cost of housing and our taxes in the community will go up as White people move into the neighborhood,  One can also expect that with White people moving into African American Descendants of Slaves communities, they will have the undying desire to change and transform an entire community and its existing culture into what they deem acceptable and best for themselves, their families and their majority community…. All while driving up the cost of housing, which will make it no longer affordable for many of its current residents to live in the communities that have nurtured their development is a safe environment outside of the general mainstream “standards”.

You may not like what I am saying to you, but my thoughts should come as no surprise.  Over the years, I have detailed my experiences living inside and outside of majority communities…

(There were two black families in the huge subdivision that I grew up in and seven black Students (I think) that graduated from the rather large middle class public high school that I graduated from.)

… and there is in fact a difference between the two from my standpoint as an African American Descendant of Slaves. In my opinion there are benefits and challenges with each experience.  In as much, I believe that all citizens should have a choice as to where they would prefer to live and raise their children and their families.

Further, it is with the keen knowledge and understanding of the above, as well as the best regard for the African American Descendants of Slaves community, that I am not opposed to Natural Leaders side-stepping the corrupt leadership structures…

(as established by self-serving, ego driven, “know it all”, money grubbing, sell-outs who appointed themselves “all powerful” and took absolute control over the direction of the African American Descendants of Slaves community, to our communities detriment.. post the death of  Dr. King.

….and “forces” that are currently attempting to force a political agenda that is not the African American Descendants of Slaves agenda upon an entire disenfranchised community that is attempting to rebuild itself from the ashes of their agenda choices.

There is (again), no ambiguity in the state of our inner cities or the state of our rural communities – nationwide, as lead by these charlatan “leaders”…  AND quite honestly, I don’t want to see another African American Descendants of Slaves community fall prey to a political agenda that has not worked (as proven over the last 50 years) one bit for our community.

In as much, the primary focus of Natural Leaders within the African American Descendants of Slaves community will be the charge of ensuring that they needs of the people… citizens within our community are finally met, unapologetically.

Let me repeat this again…. Many within the African American Descendants of Slaves community are now in fact “woke” and again, ensuring that they as well as other African American Descendants of Slaves finally have access to “Equity” and “Equality” are NOW extremely important aspects of life.  Ensuring the sustainability of our community, the restoration of our family structures (as an individual and collective whole) and protecting our culture are now extremely important aspects of life, for the very first time in more than 50 years.

In as much, the African American Descendants of Slaves community, especially Natural Leaders will now (again) unapologetic seek Equity and Equality for members of our own community, particularly with regards to the protection of our own women and or our children, who have been intentionally neglected and “marginalized” for far too long, with the help of Inclusion tactics that are designed to ensure that we (collectively and individually as a people and a community) finally have access to not only our “inalienable” constitutional rights, but to life, liberty AND yes, finally the pursuit of happiness… unapologetically.

This should be a good thing for All… everyone, those who purport that Equality and Equity are more than mere notions, but rather the right of all citizens of the United States of America.

Not to mention, the majority community uses “inclusion” tactics all the time, in just about every aspect of our (meaning African American Descendants of Slaves) and their lives… from housing, to education and to even something as seemingly minuet as ticket sales to a concert or festival, which the average working class African American Descendant of Slaves citizen, cannot afford.

The reverse inclusion tactic, as provided in the below example article simply ensures that African American Descendants of Slaves finally have access to affordable tickets and / or a slice of the “pursuit of happiness”, that they… under normal circumstances would (again) be priced out of, despite living in an Equality, Equity and “Fairness” driven society.

Again, just my thoughts, which are based on my actual, proven – real life experiences, rather than feel good theories, dreams and hopes of your or your political party’s agenda.

In fact…. can we please just skip to the actual reality of where we are as a nation so that we can finally focus on meaningful solutions or tactics to fix the problem… rather than worry about the political correctness of appearances that are designed to continue marginalizing an entire community, in an effort to advance political agendas and ensure job opportunities and promotions for a select few handpicked elites. Like I’m so over fake facades. Can we please skip to meaningful solutions, tactics and / or “works”, please.

It’s already been proven that most African American Descendants of Slaves don’t have access to Equality or Equity, so why wouldn’t you expect Natural Leaders from the African American Descendants of Slaves community to shift tactics, with regards to ensuring that they… we…. as well as other African American Descendants of Slaves finally have access to basic human rights… to ensure Inclusion… not only with ticket sales (for example), but every other aspect of our lives that we are currently being priced out of, locked out of, or deprive of… even as citizens of the United States of America.


Moving on to the Federal Court filings in the US District Court Eastern District of North Carolina…

Attached and below, please find the following documents, as filed in the State of North Carolina at the U.S. District Court Eastern District of North Carolina, per statute:

  1.  US District Court Eastern District of NC – Notice of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy– Case No. 19-03006-5-DMW.

2.   US District Court Eastern District of NC – Filed and Date Stamped Motion for Stay or Injunction Pending Appeal & Motion for Assigned Judge Kimberly Swank to Hear All Case Matters – Case No. 19-03006-5-DMW.

3.   US District Court Eastern District of NC – Filed and Date Stamped Petition Cover Page – Case No. 19-03006-5-DMW

4.   US District Court Eastern District of NC – Filed and Date Stamped Proof of Completion of Financial Literacy Course and Counseling – Case No. 19-03006-5-DMW

5.   US District Court Eastern District of NC – Filed and Date Stamped Electronic Notification Request – Case No. 19-03006-5-DMW

6.   Wake County, NC – Motion to Take Judicial Notice of Adjudicative Facts & Notice of Filing of recent service via United States Postal Service Certificate of Service, UPS & Fed-Ex Carrier Tracking upon the Primary Et. Al. Defendants as previously served in the Existing Federal Court cases spanning 10 years – Case No. 18-CVD500442

7.   Wake County, NC – Motion to Take Judicial Notice of Adjudicative Facts & Notice of Filing of recent service via United States Postal Service Certificate of Service, UPS & Fed-Ex Carrier Tracking upon the Primary Et. Al. Defendants as previously served in the Existing Federal Court cases spanning 10 years – Case No. 18-CV014434

Moving on to Top 5 Special- Special Thanks & our Brand New “Into the Light” Section, which will only feature entrepreneurs who have a limited or no marketing budget, resources or connections to promote their business!!!


Top 5 Special- Special Thanks

  1. Special – Special Thanks to the UnitedHealth Group for investing in this nation’s future by donating $8.25 Million to the Atlanta University Center. In partnership with Atlanta University Center HBCU’s, they will develop technical classes that are designed to provide students with robust training data science and data analysis.

The Atlanta University Center is comprised of four (4) Historically Black Colleges, one (1) Theological Seminary and one (1) Exceptional University, which each has its own storied history, spanning more than a combined 687 Years of much needed, targeted service and / or “works” within and outside of the African American Descendants of Slaves community.  In alphabetical order, AUC HBCU’s include Clark Atlanta University (Founded as Atlanta University – 1865 and Clark College – 1869 with a Consolidation – 1988), Interdenominational Theological Center (Founded 1958), Morehouse College (Founded 1867), Morehouse School of Medicine (Founded 1975), Morris Brown College (Founded 1881) and Spelman College (Founded 1881).  I SEE you and I thank you!!!


2.   Special – Special Thanks to the BEAUTIFUL, un-named ladies in the following video who courageously stepped out of their comfort zone in an effort to show support for the rebuilding of the African American Descendants of Slaves Community and the preservation of our Culture. I did send them a private message a couple of days ago, but I’d also like to share my message publicly… to show my support of them and my gratitude for this kind act as well as highlight a few key learnings, as is my style of leadership. I SEE you and I thank you!!! Here’s my original message, followed by video’s.


Okay, so I saw this online and I’m like A for effort and of course I certainly love the black.

OMG, don’t they look great!!! Awesome!!! Like, Thank you!!!

Uhm… but Strolls are unique to the African American Descendants of Slaves culture, which means that they are pretty special to the community and especially members of the Divine Nine. What makes them uniquely special is that they generally include sacred signs, calls and customs that are intertwined with Chapter and Organizational rhythmic moves, as well as period era dance.

So like Beyonce was able to successfully pull off her adaptation of HBCU band life (for example) because…

  1.  She is Beyonce.
  2. Having grown up in the South, she was surrounded by the rich African American Descendants of Slaves culture and she is (of course) familiar with styles, etc..
  3. Beyonce also enlisted the help of cultural experts, which included members of the Divine Nine, to ensure accuracy and flawless execution.
  4. The entire choreographed performance required many hours of dedicated practice, over the course of several months.
  5. They did not perform their adaptation and / or release Beyonce’s Cochella performance, also known as BeyChella or “Homecoming”… to the public, until it was flawless. Generally speaking, this is a key cultural and Divine Nine requirement as well.

Okay, so the above is just a simple key learning. I think. Here are two video examples of Strolls, so that you can see the difference between the adaptation and an actual version.

I mean total A+ for effort and (of course) I’m like a total fan of the Black, but the adaptation needed a bit of work prior to publication.



Sweet Alpha Pi Chapter Cultural Example, which means that it should not be replicated or duplicated.

Again, I Hope that the above helps and thanks again!!!


3.   Special – Special Thanks to T.I. (once again), the Central Park Five and Ebenezer Baptist Church for lending their amplified voices to help continue creating the type of awareness required by the current U.S. Supreme Court Justices, to obtain a ruling on the abolishment of Slavery under the 13th Amendment… which has served as the catalyst for this nations highly profitable – over incarceration “system”, for far too long. Special Thanks also to WSB-TV Atlanta, with the help of FaceBook for airing the “Atlanta Freedom Day” news conference, in its entirety.


T.I. – Video Time Lapse 7:27

 Central Park Five (Yusef Salaam) – Video Time Lapse 12:17

 Ebenezer Baptist Church

4.   Special – Special Thanks to US Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe for standing with and continue to stand with Colin Kaepernick’s decision to take a non-violent and (in my opinion) patriotic knee. There is still yet work to be done in this nation!!!


5.   Special – Special Thanks to D.L. Hughley (one again) for advertising, sponsoring and donating to the Arts for Athletes Auction, which provides scholarships, equipment and other critical expenses for student basketball Athletes at Clark Atlanta University.

 Moving on to “Into the Light”, a brand new segment…

The “Into the Light” segment will feature entrepreneurs who have a limited or no marketing budget, resources or connections to promote their business. If you are an entrepreneur and you are helping to advance the African American Descendants of Slaves Community (in some capacity), I see you and I look forward to featuring your small business, in the near future!!!

*Please note that there’s no need to contact me for a feature request.  I simply do not have the time or the capacity to handle personal requests. If I like what you are working on and can see a benefit to the African American Descendants of Slaves community, then I will feature your business.  It’s that simple. Thanks for your understanding!!!  Again, please do not contact me.

Okay, so full disclosure. I selected the very first “Into the Light” feature Entrepreneur because she is one of the limited number of my original friends that supported me early on… so many long years ago by signing my online “Enforce the Constitution” petition request for help.  She is genuinely kind, supportive, loyal, outgoing and free spirited… beautiful on the inside and out… AND I’m so glad that I have this platform and opportunity to share a few kind words and feature her consultation work as a personal trainer.

Work out with Whiteside, Stefani Whiteside!!!

Stephanie works for a Public School system and has and loves furry friends.  More importantly… she’s on my radar because she leads by example with regards to eating healthy and / or consuming high quality, whole foods… AND she balances everyday life with fun ( ) outdoor hike excursions that have breathtaking views in and around Los Angeles.

She also created an exercise series, which provides helpful tips on how to create a budget friendly home exercise routine. You can check out Stefani’s budget friendly workouts here…

If you are in L.A. “Go take a Hike” or Work out with Whiteside, Stefani Whiteside!!!  Message her (not me) today!!!


Moving on to an update from Judge Walczyk on her long overdue Order….

As previously mentioned, I have spoken at great length to the Wake County, North Carolina Court, which currently has legal jurisdiction over the cases, but still have no idea when Judge Walczyk will finally issue an Order on the two open cases that should have been ruled on January 8th of this year.

Happy 4th!!!


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