Now Pre-Approving Settlements!!!

Notice of hiatus and / or sabbatical until such time as my ASKS have been met

5-4-21 Public UpdateAll of Mays critical bills have been sent and most of them have posted. I will upload screenshot of the payments as soon as I have a moment.
4-20-21 Public Update – Amended 4-22-21
Okay, I’ll make this brief… because (AGAIN) I’m on hiatus and / or sabbatical.
Watch the EXTRAORDINARY… bait and switch!
1.  Allowing the “For All” Agenda and / or other communities to use the CENTURIES old ails of this nation, specifically within the African American Descendants of Slaves community to raise billions of dollars off our communities backs… and / or multi billion dollar asks resulting in high profit margins for corporations and even non-profits, which have established a long standing record of funneling funds directly to other communities and / or misappropriating funds to provide direct financial support or benefit for other communities… and / or the “for all” agenda… and / or fundraising or extracting much needed resources and financial support from multiple outlets to help financially uplift, enrich and sustain the lives and livelihoods  of other communities and / or the for All Agenda with multi-billion dollar asks (I.e. crowd funds and tax payer funded windfalls); at the expense of the African American Descendants of Slaves Community… IS NOT the catalyst for “Justice”, watered down reform, sub-posed “help” and support from other communities or the “For All” Agenda or even accountability… as PROVEN AFTER more than 65 YEARS of using Civil Rights Era Plays from the Draconian Civil Rights Era playbook; which also ultimately results in targeted, intentional threats of violence and in-humane forms of retaliation… centuries old forms of racism, systemic oppression and / or exposure to targeted rampant corruption within our most vital systems of Government.  Like further endangering the lives of REAL PEOPLE, the real lives of African American Descendants of Slaves… AND AGAIN for what????Like the direct (financial and otherwise) benefit of the “For All” Agenda and / or other communities??? SMH… I’m waaayyyyy past over it, you (you are truly the Sick, Evil, Lying Devil reincarnated and as a human being, you absolutely disgust me!!) and your oppressive White Man Pope driven religion, bad character, poor value and lack of integrity.
2. I’ve said this before (over the years) and I’ll say it again… MANY are Called, but FEW are Chosen.
To that end many have been called over the last Sixty-five years and quite a number of the few that were chosen (look at the fruit that they bear) ignored the call, but God!
I’d like to take a brief moment to THANK… sincerely thank and acknowledge the individuals who were called… who were chosen over the course of this nations history and right now in this pivotal moment, the good Samaritans that stepped forward to “Be not Afraid” and tax payer funded individuals that finally answered the call to serve with COURAGEOUS WORKS and not simply work. I recognize that with this self- described “Extraordinary” case, you could have chosen to be silent and / or perform your duties in a manner intended to protect and cover-up for your colleagues and / or other officers of the Court.  Over the last Sixty-Five years, there have been quite a number of “Extraordinary” cases with videos… whose case results were unlike today’s. Countless and Nameless individuals and their families deserved today’s measure of Accountability!
You are to be commended…. you stepped forward when called, rose to the occasion and surrounded yourself with supporters and / or enlisted the help of an “A Team”…. YOU focused on a winning (not political) legal (Take Note) strategy unlike the strategies and tactics lifted from the Civil Rights Era Playbook and / or what’s typically “legal” strategy and tactics for “Extraordinary” cases like this… AND YOU delivered (Pay Attention) ACCOUNTABILITY for the Family, this Nation and the World.
Thank you for your courage under fire… your true grit, good character, un-wavering values and high integrity, as proven under immense scrutiny and pressure. Again, hats off to you and your team!!!
3. Sending more than additional decades worth of “valuable” thoughts and prayers to the family and many other families. Faith without ______ is ________!!!
4. Refer back to the Critical Thinking Questions about when the last time policies and laws were changed in this nation for the direct benefit of the African American Descendants of Slaves community and how these specific Sixty-five year old goals were achieved.  Now figure out how to keep the accountability ball rolling in the right direction… to change the trajectory of this nation for the betterment of our own Women… our own Children… our own Families…THiS NATION and the World!!!
5. Encourage those who are “runnin they mouth” due to work and not with WORKS to “Be Not Afraid… and require Accountability from their colleagues or simply side step these evil devils since they refuse to have the “Several – several Seats” that they need and / or that this nation (if it expects to survive) needs them to have.
4-19-21 Public Update
4-14-21 Public Update – Amended 4-18-21 to provide additional feedback, per Wake County Courthouse Reps.
In keeping with the July 3, 2013 (Happy Birthday to me… SMH), Case No. 2013CV231662 Fulton County, Georgia Order banning me from filing or responding to any and all court filings initiated or filed against me in Fulton County, Georgia…. FOR THE PAST EIGHT LONG YEARS, Wake County, North Carolina (Reminder: Wake County, North Carolina and the US District Court Eastern District of North Carolina took legal jurisdiction over any and all cases pertaining to me years ago. Chief Judge Thrash in the US District Court Northern District of Georgia Atlanta Division relinquished legal jurisdiction over the cases via Order of the court under Case No. 1:15-CV-704-TWT) refused to accept my filings this past April 7, 2021 without a hearing.
In as much, the Clerk of Wake County Court was handed my “Application for State of North Carolina Governors Warrant – To Be Decided Without a Hearing” and the associated In Forma Pauperis / Petition to Proceed as an Indigent, which was not filed with the Wake County Clerk of the Courts. Instead, the documents were hand delivered (after a lengthy conversation) delivered to what I presumed was the days Presiding Judge for review and / or consideration.  Upon review / consideration and / or hearing (Exhibits affixed to the documents), this un-named individual signed off on the brand new Year 21 cases and assigned / issued a file number.  I was notified later on that day that the cases were granted and ready for pick-up.  I picked up my filed and date stamped copies of the Orders and asked for the name of the assigned Judge and their staff Attorney, with the expectation that I would send them copies of the Proposed Orders for signature…. now that the Application for Governors Warrant had been granted without me being present at the hearing.
As a reminder, Article 37 of the State of North Carolina does not require addition hearing or service upon the Defendants because they have already been properly served (Exhibits Affixed). In as much, the relevant… least impactful Proposed Order Submitted to the Court was and still is my request for a signed Show Cause Order. As the Defendants have willfully failed to appear at multiple hearings in multiple State of North Carolina counties as well as failed to wave in on the Federal Court Legal Jurisdictions above the State of North Carolina and the State of Georgia, over multiple years, the unresolved matters and / or charges against them rise to Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights violations in Wake County, North Carolina Superior Court and / or the 21 Enumerations of Error listed in the Federal Court Legal Jurisdictions cases stemming from the State of North Carolina and the State of Georgia, which are again, waaaaayyyyy past the Trail Count Phase. Now whether or not the complicit Officers of the Court in the State of North Carolina (State and Federal Court) will continue acting as the Defendants Defense Attorneys by assisting the defendants with never-ending cover-up schemes or even this latest recommendation for reduced charges that amounts to slap on the wrist misdemeanors is totally up to the court, presumably after the Court has finally chosen to insist that the Defendants finally appear… hence the Application for Governors Warrant and request for signature on the Show Cause Order.
Again, it is NOT the duty of the Court to play Defense Attorney for Attorney Defendants and / or attempt to re-try what’s already been tried over and over again, year in and year out for more than a decade for the benefit of protecting the legal profession, especially when the Attorney Defendants willfully refused to appear in court after having been properly served in the cases in question, which  are now in Federal Court Legal Jurisdiction hands.
It is the duty of the Court to FIRST, DO NO HARM and minimally, intentionally keeping the minor child, Spencer away from ME, his biological Mother and the Minor Child, Spencer’s Maternal family for all of these YEARS is HARM… not only to me and my family, but to that of the Minor Child, Spencer who deserved to have access to his loving Mother who carried him in the womb, nursed him from birth and cared for the minor Child, Spencer financially and otherwise FOR YEARS (See the Court Record, especially the Final Decree of Divorce) without any help from the Defendants who chose of their own free will to pull these illegal stunts, which caused the charges against them.  No matter how you choose to intentionally spin this mess, it IS in fact the Duty of the Court to FIRST, DO NO HARM and finally provide me with access to basic human rights and my inalienable Constitutional Rights without any further frivolous delay.
And so providing the court with the option to cherry pick which case numbers (old or new) the Proposed Orders will be signed under is NOT a free will license for the court to attempt to re-try what’s already been tried… with additional years worth of hearings. Again, we are waaaaaaayyyyy past the trial court phase in the US District Court Eastern District of North Carolina (Case No’s 5:17-CV-272-D), wherein Judge Kimberly Swank out of Greenville, North Carolina is the assigned Judge for the cases.  AND AGAIN, this third wave of US Supreme Court cases will be transmitted back to the US Supreme Court as Joinder Cases / Joinder Parties stemming from Case No’s 15-6566 & 15-6567 as un-answered 21 mandated, controlling and intervening questions of law, once the un-answered issues pertaining to the Minor Child, Spencer, etc. have finally been rightfully resolved… WHICH requires the appearance of the Defendants IN THIS MANNER… because the Defendants willfully refused to appear in court… intentionally chose not to appear in court to provide the court the option to use their “Discernment” to determine that No Appearance is a Good Appearance and / or that there is no need to hear the Defendants reasonable / legal response to the proceedings set before them.
And so again, there are only (NOW) two options which the court can use to cherry pick the results, based on old or new court filings that are unfortunately, waaaayyyyy past the trial court level.

4-14-21 Public Update

Additional Proposed Orders have been Filed and Date Stamped under new and old State and Federal Case Numbers (As a reminder, Legal jurisdiction is in Wake County, North Carolina and US District Court Eastern District of North Carolina) to provide the court yet another opportunity to select and / or cherry pick which case number(s) will work best, with regards to  protecting the courts and / or the legal professions best interests. When can I expect the courts signature on these latest new proposed Order options?  The cases are waaaayyyy past ripe for judgment via Order of the Court.

4-9-21 Public Update

4-5-21 Public Update
3-31-21 Public Update – AMENDED AM
“All” of April’s payments have been made. I’ll post screenshots of critical payments as they post.


3-27-21 Public Update – AMENDED to include References, State & Federal Filed and Date Stamped Court Orders

3-25-21 Public Update
3-24-21 Public Update
3-23-21 Public Update – Includes additional critical payments (Health Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Auto Insurance and Georgia Power), as posted.
3-19-21 Public Update – Amended Afternoon to reference new development from Morris Brown College
3-17-21 Public Update
Yes, that was me changing my Georgia Power method of payment (under yet another new account number) for the month of April. I’ll send a screenshot of April’s payment as soon as it posts to the account.
3-14-21 Public Update
3-13-21 Public Update to include the month of April’s Critical Payments
3-10-21 Public Update – Amended Evening to include critical information on 2021-2022 academic school year
3-4-21 Public Update – Amended 3-6-21 to include Critical Payments, as they post
3-2-21 Public Update
2-27-21 Public Update
2-22-21 Public Update
2-19-21 Public Post – Amended 3-6-21 to include Critical Payments, as they post
“All” other critical March payments have been sent and I’ll post a screenshot of the payments when they post.

2-13-21 Public Post

2-3-21 Public Post


1-19-21 Update – Amended Late Evening to include additional Excerpts as follows…

Moving on and certainly not changing gears…
OMG… Absolutely… hands down, you are the cream of the cream and the very best of America!!!
Thank you, sincerely for stepping in to do your part to help transform this nation… one person… one organization… one City… one State at a time!!!
This is not farewell or goodbye as there is still yet work to be done.  I just wanted to take a moment… in this moment of HERSTORY History to acknowledge and thank you, sincerely from the bottom of my heart for stepping up and forward on NEXT LEVEl.  YOU ROCK and I honestly look forward to working with you again!!!
More praise, YOU DESERVE IT… Thank you!!!  Thank you, sincerely Natural Leaders within the African American Descendants of Slaves Community and genuine allies!!! Thank You!!!
Also… special, special thanks to the individuals who are tirelessly working to complete the ASKS.  I see YOU and I thank you, sincerely too!!!  We thank you!!!  LexisNexis and the like were and obviously still are huge uphill battles, won. Eventually Experian, Equifax and TransUnion will have no other choice, but to update their records.
And sooohhh… Thank you for being you and setting the bar high for “get it done with no more excuses” – lead by example leadership standards.
THANK YOU!!! Oh and continue to Pay Attention!!!
Alright, that’s a wrap for this update!!! Yah!!!
Good night!!! D.D.D._C.T… UNTIL to keep them off my / our backs and ONCE AGAIN, don’t be afraid to use the non – violent version of Cayden’s Kindergarten No-Bulling policy “All” Day, every day. No Help / No Harm… UNTIL…

Hello Everyone!!!

YES… I STILL know what’s going on. In the spirit of transparency and the continuation of open and honest communication… as is my character, which is supported by my un-wavering values and choice… decision to operate with a high level of integrity, I am releasing the following… select and brief excerpts from back room communications…
1-18-21 Update (Excerpts ONLY, as released to the General Public)
Moving on…
NO… that wasn’t me running Civil Rights Era Plays from the Civil Rights Era playbook, which will results in Multi – Billion Dollar ASKS that will directly benefit the “For All” Agenda and / or Other Communities and TO BE CRYSTAL CLEAR, NOT (for the past Sixty-Five Long Years) the African American Descendants of Slaves Community.  SO AGAIN… as a reminder, feel free to redirect ALL of your disdain towards specific individuals and / or the Civil Rights Era “leaders” or their Flunkies and not me, my family, Natural Leaders within the African American Descendants of Slaves Community, the Military (includes their Families or millions of innocent African American Descendants of Slaves.  The individuals and / or the Civil Rights Era “leaders” and their hand-picked Followers have empowered themselves to make the Agenda decisions that are causing this nation to fall to its knees and / or they insist on pushing forward the SAME Errors / Agenda that hasn’t worked for the past SIXTY-FIVE (65) LONG years and won’t work moving forward because it’s unacceptable to use / sacrifice select communities (a clear centuries on pattern)… REAL PEOPLE… REAL CITIZENS sector and / or intentionally, maliciously and egregiously use ME… us… REAL PEOPLE… REAL CITIZENS with actual real lives… as collateral damage to advance themselves personally, professionally and financially in THIS NATIONS American Caste “system”, which is (of late and / or for the past Sixty-Five long years) designed to provide Multi-Billion Dollar windfalls to Other Communities and / or designated communities that are being supported by the “For All” Agenda. To be clear… those individuals are… Attorney Butterfield, Alma what’s her name from Greenville and the Attorney / Sales Person from CAU…. who are “working” on behalf of what’s left of the Civil Rights Era “Leaders” and their hand-picked Followers.
As expected… on January 20th, I will be going completely silent until there is proof that ALL of my ASKS have finally been met and are completed… AND (of course, as expected) there is another shift away from the power structure, which has negatively impacted every single aspect of my life for the past twelve long years that they have been in power. Please note that Attorney’s (Catholics who are clearly a-okay with WRONGS because they would prefer to concentrate on their National and International religious Agenda) now control the White House, Senate, House of Representatives, US Attorney Generals Office, US Department of Justice, US Supreme Court, Key Governorships, Star Attorney General’s Office, etc., etc., etc. and they have and will continue to make decisions that are NOT based on protecting the lives of citizens of the United States of America, particularly our own Women, Children and Families or providing citizens like myself with access to basic human rights or our “inalienable” Constitutional Rights. They have, are and will continue to protect the Best Interests of their “Profession” and the individuals that they would prefer to elevate into power. NONE of this should come as a super-surprise to anyone as I have spoke at great length over the past twelve long years about “ALL” of the above, using my real life, real life experiences and undeniable evidence to support “ALL” of my communications and / or updates…. and so this next statement should come as absolutely NO SURPRISE either.
I refuse to participate and / or I WILL NOT continue to be used / sacrificed (threats of violence and in-humane forms of retaliation) as collateral damage along with millions of other African American Descendants of Slaves to advance the “For All” Agenda and / or other communities.  These individuals and / or communities can simply risk their own lives for their Bull Multi-Billion Dollar Asks and / or get in line Like everyone else and file their requests for Multi-Billion Dollar asks in the US District Court of their choosing… followed by an Amicus Brief in support of the Windsor – Spence cases with Nicole Briggeman in the US District Court Eastern District of North Carolina to request financial windfalls in their own communities name, rather than on behalf of “African American Descendants of Slaves”.
*Please note that there is a difference between “Blacks” and “African Americans” and / or individuals from the African Diaspora who now live in America… AND African American Descendants of Slaves.  Generally speaking, “Blacks” and “African Americans” are pushing forward the “For ALL” Agenda along with select “For All” Agenda Communities… not fully understanding the history of this nation or caring about the impact of their designs on the African American Descendants of Slaves Community, which is causing the endangerment (for the past Sixty-Five Years), disenfranchisement and destruction of the African American Descendants Slaves Community. The notion is (quite honestly) ridiculous to me, especially given that African American Detof Slaves have survived in this nation for several hundred years.
To be clear, I never… nor would I EVER agree to sacrifice my life, that of my families lives, The lives of Natural Leaders within the African American Descendants of Slaves Community, the Military (includes their families) or millions of African American Descendants of Slaves lives… FOR THEM and / or Other Communities… and / or the “For All” Agenda and they certainly have not, won’t and would never use themselves  as collateral damage or sacrifice their own lives for my benefit or the benefit of the African American Descendants of Slaves Community. Heck, we’re still having repeated discussions about them taking responsibility for their own Multi-Billion Dollar ASKS – risks on behalf of their own communities… FACTS. SMH
And so Again and / or in summation, I will be on hiatus and / or sabbatical until such time as my ASKS have been met and are complete… AND the power structure of this nation shifts (again), away from the actually, legally proven Crooks that are causing the deterioration of this nation in their quest to erroneously and illegally advance and financially support the “For All” Agenda with never ending multi-Billion Dollar, tax payer funded AKS that quite a number of citizens don’t want to pay for.
I am an UN-PAID Volunteer and so NO, there is no need for you to “Feel” like you just have to reach out TO ME when you have “expert” tax payer funded public servants and judicial officers of the court that you are fully funding and protecting, which are supposedly looking out for the Best Interests of this Nations Citizens and / or meeting the needs of “We The People”.  You obviously like it (the condition of this nation and the choices that are being made on your behalf.)… I LOVE IT FOR YOU!!!
…AND SO INSTEAD OF CONTACTING ME, ask yourself… “have I competed her ASKS”?  If the answer is no, then you already know that my answer is…. “NO, No Help / No Harm”!!!
Trust and believe… I’ll know when there is proof that my ASKS have been met and are complete… AND (of course) I’ll know when the power structure shifts (as it always does) back away from the Crooks that have and are intentionally and viciously harming me professionally, personally, financially, etc., etc., etc…. along with millions of other African American Descendants of Slaves who are trapped in this nations Caste system; involving Racism, Systemic Oppression and Rampant Corrupt in our most Vital Systems of Government.
Again, once their is proof that my ASKS have been met and are complete… AND the power structure shifts again, I’ll step in with Works, rather than work and words to help transform this nation into the better America that we “ALL” invision right NOW and long term into the future for the betterment of our own Women… and our own Children… and our own Families… and our own Communities… THIS NATION and the World.
I have no other… or further comment or additional information to provide at this time.  May God Bless America, specifically “We The People” during this moment in HERSTORY – History and eventually the progressive future of this Nation!!!
Signed… Standards and Boundaries with YOU TOO and / or Kimberly
Title: Spencer’s Mom… a MOTHER, Spencer’s MOTHER then, Right NOW and Always!!!

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