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Wake County, NC (Judge Walczyk) Case Reminders, Top 5 Special – Special Thanks & a few Thoughts…

Beginning of May 28, 2019 Update


Hello Everyone!!!

This is an extremely important day as Judge Walczyk provided my Attorney Ex-Husband and all et. al. Defendants an additional 30 days to weigh in on the court proceedings in the State of North Carolina.  Per State of North Carolina and State of Georgia statute, they had until yesterday to provide a response.

Here are a few key reminders related to the life of the cases in Wake County, North Carolina…

  1. My Attorney Ex-Husband was properly served for the third time at an alternate location (instead of by Sheriff at his home or work, the Fulton County Georgia Courthouse.) via a licensed State of Georgia Service Processor on April 27, 2019, at our son Spencer’s Atlanta United match in Gainesville, Georgia.
  2. By Default my Attorney Ex-Husband was properly served via his own hired State of North Carolina Service Processor, January 8, 2019 in open court. He was first properly served via Publication in November, 2018 per State of North Carolina statute.
  3. Our first Wake County Trial / Hearing before a Judge was November 30, 2018, at InterAct Family Safety and Empowerment Center. All evidence was presented and a Temporary Order of Protection was issued.  Since then the Assigned Judge, Judge Walszyk has issued multiple continuances in the hopes of needlessly dragging out the proceedings so that eventually she can say that the recent evidence of Habeas Corpus and Civil Rights Violations are old, which would permit her to “legally” ignore the evidence in the case and instead use her “discernment” to determine the final Wake County outcome of the trial and hearing.  Note that this cover-up and bury the actual evidence in the case strategy and tactic (designed to protect high profile judges and politicians) is the same tired strategy and tactic that has been used year in and year out for 10 long years, without any judicial resolution of the cases.
  4. Per Federal Statute all issues specifically pertaining to the best interest of a minor child, Spencer, my own biological child who is currently being held hostage by Atlanta United, private Catholic School Officials (previously United Methodist Church Officials and Woodward Academy) and my Attorney Ex-Husband, must be resolved without consideration for the financial, legal, professional or political benefit of high profile Judges / Politicians, Atlanta United, Catholic Schools or any other Previous or Current Private School in Atlanta, Georgia or Atlanta Proper.
  5. My Attorney Ex-Husband and all other et. al. Defendants, as listed in the State and Federal court cases have had the opportunity to weigh in on the State of North Carolina proceedings.  My Attorney Ex-Husband was recently properly served in the State of Georgia, via Service Processor 31 days ago on April 27, 2019, per State of North Carolina and State of Georgia statute.  He as well as all other Defendants have been served vis Sheriff’s Entry of Service, Certified Mail and Publication for 6 LONG YEARS, since Spencer was erroneously and fraudulently taken and kept from me (Habeas Corpus), his biological Mother who carried, raised and nurtured him on my own and without assistance from my Attorney Ex-Husband since pre-birth.  A final Order on the proceedings, based on the actual evidence in the case is Ripe for Judgment and we are still awaiting it from Wake County North Carolina Courthouse Judge Walczyk.

Now on to Special-Special Thanks…

  1. Special – Special Thanks to the Man of the Hour, Robert F. Smith, his wife Hope Dworaczyk and his entire family for donating 1.5 Million dollars to HBCU – AUC- Morehouse College, Founded 1867!
  2. Special – Special Thanks to the Man of the Hour, Robert F. Smith, his wife Hope Dworaczyk and his entire family for unapologetically donating 40 Million dollars to pay off the entire student loan debt of the Morehouse Class of 2019. HBCU – AUC- Morehouse College, Divine Nine – Alpha Pi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. – Legacy (not legacy) STRONG!!!                                                                                                                                                                           “On behalf of the eight generations of my family who have been in this country, we’re going to put a little fuel in your bus,””Now, I know my class will make sure they pay this forward,” he continued. “I want my class to look at these (alumni) — these beautiful Morehouse brothers — and let’s make sure every class has the same opportunity going forward because we are enough to take care of our own community. We are enough to ensure we have all the opportunities of the American dream.””When you have to service debt, the choices about what you can go do in the world are constrained,” he said. “(Smith’s gift) gives them the liberty to follow their dreams, their passions.”References:
  3. Special – Special Thanks to Heather Heyer’s Mom, Susan Bro for boldly and publicly issuing THIS acknowledgment and call to action…Reference:
  4. …as well as Special-Special thanks to CNN for being the first news affiliate (that I am aware of) to air Susan Bro’s powerful statement in all of its complexity, honestly and un-filtered or edited.Reference:
  5. Your Name Here

We’ll end this quick message with final thoughts…

Past Jesus and waaayyyy past therapy, rumors, lies, cover-ups and excuses, there… right there in lies a profound, meaningful solution… Uhm… say like justice???  Actually more than justice, the historic pledge of  freedom, liberty and justice FOR ALL, including African American Descendants of Slaves!

Continue to Lead by example, with good character, un-wavering values and high integrity!!!

THANK YOU and May God Bless America and the progressive future of this nation!!!


Title: Spencer’s Mom

Are you seriously asking the WHY questions… again???  Like the kind of questions that you would NEVER pose to me if I where Caucasian?

Okay… as always, here is a relevant response…


May 29, 2019 Response…


Because I’ve been “grinding” (your words, not mine.)  professionally AND as a volunteer fighting rampant corruption, racism and systemic oppression via not only trials, but appeals that set legal precedents via the Supreme Court of Georgia.

Then I turned around and successful argued cases via the Supreme Court of North Carolina (uhm… the second State)… The U.S. District Court Northern District of Georgia & The U.S. District Court Eastern District of North Carolina (Two Federal Trial Courts above two States, three separate times.).… The U.S. Court of Appeals Eleventh Circuit & The U.S. Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit (Two Federal Appeals Court above two States.)... successfully, and again three separate times.

Past all of the State and Federal Trial and Appeals Court jurisdictions and before the Supreme Court of the United States of America, I’ve also successfully argued two separate waves of cases and will successfully argue a third wave of cases involving Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights Cases, in a Class Action Lawsuit.

This… within 10 years – non-violently and as a non-paid volunteer who did not go to law school of obtain a Jurist Doctorate….

This… while professionally blackballed and forced to work on my own or via low wage jobs…

This… while living under the constant threat of proven Jim Crow Era tactics (erroneously steeling your child(ten), false imprisonment, forced to leave your home, etc…. intentional malicious and inhumane tactics that are designed to make a person “disappear” or minimally shut up.

Hummm… you good, right!!! You and your family are good, right?

Plus… You got this, right??? You can “handle it” as an Insider or Non-Insider… because you are YOU!

Heck you studied it in a book…  you read in a journal or article… you discussed it at a forum or conference… and my all time favorite, you passed a CLE that covered it!

Okay – Okay… COOL. your turn!!!

I can’t wait to see the magic tricks that you have up your sleeves, with regards to “grinding” or handling business that’s just a tad bit less self-serving.

I mean seriously, I totally and sincerely look forward to seeing how you and your family can, could and will “handle it”.

Thanks for volunteering, Natural Leader!!!

Okay, so after more careful thought and consideration, you’ve decided to move from “grinding” and handling it to stroking your inflated ego?

Okay… as always, here’s another relevant response…


May 29, 2019 Additional Response…



Nope. Here in lies the problem (as previously discussed in length for years), with no meaningful solution or explanation required , attached hereto…


May 30, 2019 Additional Response…


Oh Wow?  …More careful thought and consideration, huh???

Okay… as always, here’s the final relevant response on the subject…

May 30, 2019 Additional Response…

Uhm hummm… yep, got it! Lol… what’s that other campaign’s catch phase? Oh that’s right, me too!!!

Yep, so me too to owning a business, having a family and working low paying jobs. Yep, congratulations… I completely understand!

Now couple all (volunteer work) of that with running a national create awareness campaign, leading a team of Insiders, sending and posting frequent private communications and updates to Politicians / Judges / Staff Attorney’s / Clerks (2 States and 2 Federal Court systems… although thankfully I am only currently dealing with one Federal Court System.), concerned citizens, the general public, etc….

Now add 1-2 court appearances per month (on average) in two separate States and within a span of 10 years…

Uhm… skip vacations, time off on weekends, work late into the night, start work early in the morning…

Insist on squeezing in immediate family time, which you love and refer to as your break….

Then plan for and account for Jim Crow Era scare tactics like having the Sherif’s routinely (several times per week at one point, per the surveillance camera’s of family members and neighbors) show up at your home in Georgia and your family’s residents in the State of North Carolina for 10 years and mind you, most recently at a bit after 4:30 AM…

AND maybe, just maybe (I’m skipping a few “things”) your schedule, routine, level of responsibilities and experiences will amount to something similar to my daily (scratch that), yearly (scratch that), decade long routine.

Yep, I hear ya… but nope, have several – several seats. It has however been extremely entertaining to take in and respond to your thoughts though…

Again, Teams, Insiders, Concerned Citizens who as  Natural Leaders… Continue to Lead by example, with good character, un-wavering values and high integrity!!!

THANK YOU and May God Bless America and the progressive future of this nation!!!


Title: Spencer’s Mom


End of Message