Now Pre-Approving Settlements!!!

Beginning of February 7, 2018 Update. Happy Birthday, Handsome!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

Today (February 7, 2018) is a very special day… it’s Spencer’s (whom I have not been allowed to physically see in 4 ½ years or speak with in 3 years… due to the rampant Jim Crow Era corruption in our most vital “systems” of government.) 10th Birthday!!!

Spencer, I know that one day you will see my posts, communications, court filings, etc. and finally- fully understand how much Mommy really DOES… not only love, but want you!!!  You were NEVER – EVER-EVER abandoned, forgotten, un-wanted or un-loved!!!  I pray that this knowledge will someday give you peace, beyond any and all understanding!!!

I can’t wait to finally be re-united with you!  Mommy Luvs you more than mere words, all sacrifices… and especially the legal remedies that I have taken and will continue to pursue; until you are rightfully and justly returned to a safe, nurturing and loving environment!!!

Mommy Luvs you, Spencer!!!  Keep your head up…  Stand proud!!!  Mommy Luvs you … Smiles, Hugs and Kisses!!!

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Spencer Willis – Message from Mommy – 12-19-16