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Fox 5 News Coverage – William Perry (Georgia Ethics Watchdog) on Fulton County Georgia Corruption 4-25-18

Hello Everyone!!!

I’d like to take a moment to SINCERELY THANK William Perry, Founder and Executive Director of Georgia Ethics Watchdogs, Fox 5 Atlanta News, Attorney Amy McDougal (Virginia, DC and Tennessee), the brave families that attended yesterday’s Justice for Fulton Families Press Conference (Georgia Capitol), as well as the countless other volunteers that worked tirelessly behind the scenes to finally convince a news outlet to cover a story related to un-constitutional, evil and inhumane Orders of the court, as cruelly “maintained” and enforced by Fulton County Georgia Judges.


The Fulton County Georgia Judges and/ or the Fulton County Georgia Courthouse serves as only one bad apple example of the high level of rampant and pervasive corruption that exists in our most vital systems of government.  Yesterday’s choice (by these forward-thinking Patriot American’s and this singular media outlet (Fox 5 Atlanta News), to give voice to the voiceless and simultaneously stand up for the rights of millions of women, children and families across this great nation, is a longstanding welcomed one. Thank YOU!!!

Thank you again for your bravery. Thank you again for choosing to use your gifts, time, talents, resources and finances to help form a more perfect union!!!

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May God Bless America and the progressive future of this nation.


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