Now Pre-Approving Settlements!!!

History OR ignored clear FACTS versus…


Beginning of November 5, 2019 Message________________________________

11-9-19 Update

It’s ALL a GAME to them and they don’t like loosing, but AGAIN… allow them to Stay Mad and simply Hit Repeat… Stay Woke and Work, side step YOUR Friends, Frenemies and your enemies.

You can not control who they have proven or will continue to prove themselves to be, especially if and when they are tested.
Continue to see their actions and / or the fruit that they bear as well as the beacon of light in the wilderness.
Continue to lead by example, with good character and un-wavering values…

Continue to use your gifts, time, talents, resources, gifts and purpose to help create the better America that we ALL envision and deserve to live in right now, especially given our history as African American Descendants of Slaves. Our storied legacy and history of perseverance, resilience, fortitude, strength and grace, in the midst of a storm lives within each of you… each and everyone one of us. We can rebuild and manage our own community for the betterment of ourselves, our own Women and our own Children and our own Families… AnD that of our children’s children and their Children’s Children!!! We can create the better America that we all deserve to live in right now!!!

Thank you ALL sincerely from the bottom of my heart… thank you to those of you who have worked tirelessly on behalf of the African American Descendants of Slaves Community. Thank you for all that you have done for the betterment of our own Women and our own Children and our own Families, this community, the Nation and the World.
Again, Thank you for ensuring that We ALL finally have access to basic human rights and / or the same “inalienable” Constitutional Rights as all other citizens of the United States of America.
May God Bless You, America… AND the progressive future of this nation.
Title: Spencer’s Mom


11-5-19 Message

Hello Everyone!!!


So I answered privately to a select audience and now that the polls have closed and prior to the release of the results, I’ll Answer Publicly as follows…

Just a few Reminders:

History OR ignored clear FACTS versus…

1. your personal or professional agenda,

2. your thoughts,

3. your selective memory / excuses,

4. your desired outcome for me and my family, which would NEVER be acceptable for you and

your family

5. and no values, character or integrity based OPINIONS.

SMH… There in lies the problem or conundrum of acts or deeds.

Post ALL of the above are…

1. IS the meaningful solution to fix the problem,

2. access to justice

3. access to basic human rights

4. access to “inalienable” constitutional rights FOR ALL, including me and other African American Descendants of Slaves

5. Resolution & non-tax payer funded Restitution (If you are an Insider, please refer to my previous notes.)

Again, you might want to consider getting some professional help navigating the above concepts.

Just in case you continue to choose not to seek the professional help that you obviously need in this area, I’ll continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers… the same one’s that you offered me and my family more than a decade ago when you began having problems with grasping the above concepts; despite your level of education, professional training, profession, religious upbringing or “higher calling”.



Title: Spencer’s Mom THEN, NOW and ALWAYS so get use to it!!!

Rebuttal: ______________________________ (Fill in the Blank)

My Response to the Rebuttals: 

Right!!!  So if you are talking then YOU are not working and if you are working then WE ALL can see the fruit that you bear and / or in many of your instances what you don’t bear, despite ALL of your Talk!!! 

So keep talking while Natural Leaders continue to Lead, please by all means!!! What you are doing is simply proving who you are and I / WE  BELIEVE YOU!!!


Feel free to take from the above what you may… or not.


Title: Spencer’s Mom THEN, NOW and ALWAYS so get use to it!!!


End of Message