Now Pre-Approving Settlements!!!

If Spencer where Caucasian, would our Politicians & Judges treat him in such a manner?

Beginning of May 19, 2019 Update


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Yes, I’m still at work. Faith without works is ___________.

Let’s continue to push forward… and move the needle further with a higher calling. Let’s continue to help create awareness of the issues that matter most to We the People via these cases and what will eventually be and that is relief for millions of American’s across this great nation and more specifically, African American Descendants of Slaves. Take a moment to post, tweet, share, like, email or forward this Tweet…

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Spencer is beingHELD HOSTAGE by #AtlantaUnited (watchVIDEO ) SchoolOFFICIALS &hisFATHER.  IF SPENCER whereWHITE, wouldPOLITICIANS &judges doTHIS to him ORtoYOUR CHILD,YOU orYOUR family? Read 5-13-19 Update


Yes, apparently after six (6) years of Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights violations, this obviously needed to be said.  Now what are WE THE PEOPLE and not just Black People or African American Descendants of Slaves going to do to help immediately rectify the issues pertaining to not only Spencer’s Best Interest, but the best interests of African American Descendants of Slaves who are on the front lines battling the historically proven ails of this nation, specifically the rampant corruption in our most vital systems of government, systemic oppression and racism.

Again, let’s move the needle!  As Robert F. Smith (THANK YOU, thank you sincerely!!!) so eloquently reminded us today, “When Dr. King said that the “arc of moral universe bends towards justice,” he wasn’t saying it bends on its own accord.  It bends because we choose to put our shoulders into it together ad push.”


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Title: Spencer’s Mom… a MOTHER THEN, NOW and ALWAYS!!!


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