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It’s HBCU Homecoming Season and a great time to celebrate HBCU Band Life!!!

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Beginning of October 11, 2018 Update…

Hello Everyone!!!

It would be great if I had an update to share about the Windsor-Spence U.S.       Supreme Court Cases that are being held hostage in the U.S. Supreme Court Fourth Circuit under Case No. 18-1790, but unfortunately I do not.

Instead, I’d like to take this down time to shed light on a cultural phenomena in the African American Descendants of Slaves Community, HBCU Band Life by sharing a few 2018 Video Clips from the past three weeks along with a Fireside Chat that resulted from open and honest communication among friends (Thanks J.F.H.).  It is my hope that the sharing and / or willingness to have the tough, open and honest Fireside Conversations will spread and continue as we each individually and collectively embark on transforming this nation into the Better America that we all Envision right now, for our children and for our children’s – children!!!

Okay, so let’s get started and please note that the following HBCU bands have been alphabetized by their original year of founding, not ranking. Here’s one of many polls / articles designed to rank HBCU Band Performances……/the-2018-hbcu-sports-preseason-to…/

Feel free to look up articles and polls related to HBCU Band Performances on your own. LOL… again, the bands showcased below are in no particular order. They also represent HBCU Bands from five different States.

You may catch a glimpse of HBCU Band Life “on the yard”, on campus promenades and in stadiums, gymnasiums, etc. throughout the month of October and November.


Tying in the central message / theme of my very last public post (September 29, 2018), which mentions that African American Descendant’s of Slaves communicate and / or speak with the use of Terms, let’s take a closer look at this first HBCU Band’s performance.

Without further ado, Clark Atlanta University (Georgia – Atlanta University 1865 / Clark College 1869, Consolidated as Clark Atlanta University 1988), with their timely and extremely profound musical rendition of… “Don’t Start No Stuff – Won’t be No Stuff”.

Video Time Lapse: 5:06, 5:26 and 5:46.

Stillman College (Alabama – 1875)

Southern University (Louisiana 1880)

Bethune-Cookman University (Florida – Bethune- Cookman College 1904, renamed Bethune Cookman University 2007)

North Carolina Central University (North Carolina -1910)

I hope that you enjoyed seeing the above HBCU Band Life Video Clips as much as I did.  Happy Homecoming!!!


Title: Spencer’s Mom


For more information about the Windsor-Spence U.S. Supreme Court cases, please type in my last name, first name (Spence, Kimberly) into PACER’s search directory here…


Let’s move on to the Fireside Chat….



Monday, October 15, 2018 Follow-Up


Happy Monday, it’s HBCU Homecoming Season!!!

Here’s a fun video closing of this week’s HBCU Band Life at a glance…

Homecoming 2018 | HalfTime Presentation

Presenting the 2018-2019 Royal Court

Posted by Clark Atlanta University on Saturday, October 13, 2018

Next up this week, Winston Salem State University (North Carolina 1892. Thanks for sharing this video M.K.), along with a brand new list of nationwide – HBCU Band Life appearances.

Enjoy this recognizable musical rendition of “Don’t Start No Stuff – Won’t be No Stuff”.

Posted by Reginald D. McCaskill on Sunday, October 14, 2018

Happy Homecoming!!!

P.S. Special – Special Thanks to the Ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc for raising and donating over a Million Dollars to HBCU’s across this nation in one day, under the new leadership direction of President Dr. Glenda Glover (Education: HBCU (1912) Tennessee State University, HBCU (AU 1865 / CC 1869, Consolidated 1988) Clark Atlanta University, George Washington University and Georgetown University). The sorority is slated to “raise $10 million over the next four years to benefit HBCU’s”.

TSU President Glover leads Service Organization in raising over $1.2 Million in Historic One-Day Campaign to Help Nation’s HBCUs…/

Special – Special Thanks to THE SEXY Sigma Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and THE Bloody Beta-Psi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. for their donation of $200,000 ($100,000 apiece) to Clark Atlanta University this past weekend.

#ICYMI Clark Atlanta University Receives $200,000 in Gifts from NPHC OrganizationsSpecial thanks to the Beta Psi…

Posted by Clark Atlanta University on Thursday, October 18, 2018

One last mention, to clear the air… I’ll always have love for the Q’s! Team TDT since before Spr. ‘95. Kimberly