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Message to African American Descendants of Slaves, Top 5 Special-Special Thanks & Case Update

  • Beginning of June 16, 2019 AMENDED on 6/21/19 Update, which features an Open Letter to Twitter, another Reminder, a Special Message to “Real Men”, the African American Descendants of Slaves Community, Top 5 Special-Special Thanks and an Update on the status of Judge Walczyk’s Order from Wake County, North Carolina.


Good morning!!!

THE Clark Atlanta University apparently now has a new President and I (of course) have a “few” critical thinking questions that will not only impact the trajectory of building upon CAU’s storied history and legacy of leadership in works and / or service (Reference our Motto’s), but the trajectory of HBCU’s in general as CAU (by default and obviously not seasoned “leadership” choice.) is currently leading by example to help rebuild our devastated communities, nationwide.

I certainly contend that while a changing of the old guard, as controlled by Civil Rights era “leaders”,…

(Responsibilities include, but are not limited to…

  1. Managing the Clark Atlanta University,
  2. Managing, protecting, providing for and advancing the surrounding African American Descendants of Slaves community,
  3. Overseeing, protecting and advancing the broader health of the Atlanta University Center Colleges, alongside Clark Atlanta University, the exceptional University,
  4. Protecting, guiding, developing and advancing the leadership blueprint, educational scope and direction for not only The Clark Atlanta University students and ALL (like seriously, ALL, not select) AUC students, but HBCU students…which impacts the viability of the African American Descendants of Slaves community as a whole and ultimately creates a better America, right now for ourselves, our children, our children’s-Children, this nation and the world.
  5. So again, for THE Clark Atlanta University… Prioritizing the “advancement” of the African American Descendants of Slaves community needs FIRST and FOREMOST and the African American Descendants of Slaves Community agenda above all other political, organizational and structural agenda’s, which (again) have absolutely nothing to do with the African American Descendants of Slaves Community Agenda.)

…since Dr. King’s death has been painful, it has been necessary. The proven results and / or the State of our African American Descendants of Slaves rural and inner cities are not ambiguous.  There is now a proven record dating 65 long years, which points to the “success” of the previous generation’s theory’s on best practice leadership approaches and / or their choice to push forward agenda’s that have absolutely nothing to do with the development and advancement of the African American Descendants of Slaves Community.

In as much, it is the full intent of Natural Leaders within the African American Descendants of Slaves Community to continue Leading By Example, with Good Character and Un-Wavering Values to advance the African American Descendants of Slaves Community and its agenda, with or without the old guard and / or Civil Rights Era “leaders”, who quite frankly have or will be dying off soon…. THANKFULLY!!!

We, as in We the People and / or Naturally Leaders will continue our work with or without the old guard to help usher in a new error of transparency, humanity, cultural preservation and purpose…

We, as in We the People and / or Natural Leaders will transform this nation, one person… AND one community at a time…

We, as in We the People and / or Natural Leaders will create a the better America that we All desire to live in, right now for the betterment of ourselves… our children… our children’s-children… the African American Descendants of Slaves Community… our States… this nation and the world.

In  as much and in an attempt to be fair, I posed questions related to the selection of Clark Atlanta University’s President to an Insider and requested that they share the questions with Clark Atlanta University’s Incoming President, Dr. George T. French and Interim President Lucille Mauge, for response.  Please anticipate receipt of the questions in a public – Open Letter format, which ultimately is intended to help Clark Atlanta University with their structural challenges and provide a key learnings (as is my style of leadership) for all HBCU’s.

Be on the lookout for the “Clarify, please… Madame or Mr. President Post”.

Dear Twitter and / or CEO’s-Owners-Shareholder’s Evan Clark Williams, Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey, Alwaleed, Peter Fenton, Arthur Blank, #AtlantaUnited, etc.:

  1. I have NOT violated ANY TWITTER RULES, ever.
  2. My accounts (including my personal one) are Suspended and No-One in Twitterland Management appears to want to un-suspended my accounts. You are violating my right to Free Speech.
  3. Your management team has acknowledged that I have not violated any Twitter Rules. However they keep sending me these bogus instructions on how to unlock my account using a button that does not appear on my account login screen. Supposedly the button is designed to redirect me to a screen that will allow me to “add a phone number”, so that the system can send me a text code to verify my account. However my phone number has already been added to my account.. In an attempt to resolve the issues on yet another occasion, my page simply generated a little fix-it tools man, which indicated that Twitter… TWITTER’S ENTIRE PLATFORM SYSTEM IS BROKEN (lol) and for whatever reason needs to be fixed in order for me to have access my personal, professional and volunteer campaign accounts again.  How “unusual”… this is clearly a violation of my First Amendment Right to Free Speech.
  4. Please un-suspend my accounts or provide me with a copy of a legal order “from whoever”, which explicitly states that I do not have access to Free Speech so that I can file said Order in Wake County, North Carolina, which will eventually be transmitted by Pat Conner, U.S. Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit to Michael Duggan, Clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court. Free Speech is Free Speech, but if you need the U.S. Supreme Court to tell you that free speech is free speech via a high court jurisdiction then I would be happy to oblige with changing the social media laws nationwide, to ensure that all citizens of the United States permanently have access to Free Speech.  Again, I have not violated ANY TWITTER RULES.
  5. Additionally and by all means, please stop bullying and harassing the apps that I use to send out my Tweets. They are simply going their jobs under a normal course of business, haven’t violated any Twitter Rules by doing business with me and tampering with account to control what is exposed to the public is waaaayyy to controlling for a company and a country that claims that “All” citizens are equal, free as well as have access to free speech.  The third party apps that I use should be required to change entire written codes on a platform so that you can manipulate whether or not I will have access to the use of my First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech.  No other Social Media Platform, as currently used by me are allowing themselves to be punked by the powers that be and you shouldn’t either.  Freedom of Speech is Freedom of Speech and if they don’t understand that they ask them to provide you with a legal Order that states that I don’t have the right to Free Speech and I would be happy to resolve with conflict non-violently via the court systems.
  6. Again, Freedom of Speech in the United States means exactly that… “all” citizens should have access to freedom of Speech, as long as I am not breaking any State or Federal laws by sending out What’s Best 4 Spencer communications… because again, I am not and haven’t broken any State and Federal Laws. If for some reason you disagree and / or there is an Order that you have received, which permits you to take away my Freedom of Speech via the suspension of my personal, professional and volunteer campaign accounts, please email or fax me a copy of the Judicial Order.  I will need to (again) file said Order as a Notice of Filing at the Wake County Courthouse, whose record will be transmitted by Pat Conner, Clerk of the U.S. Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit to Michael Duggan, Clerk of the Supreme Court of the United States as a Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights Violations case… as soon as Judge Walczyk decides to finally issue her long overdue Order on the case….
  7. OR UN-SUSPEND MY PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL AND VOLUNTEER CAMPAIGN ACCOUNTS, IMMEDIATELY and I won’t have the “problem” of having to sign-up for and use new accounts. Because again… Yes, I can create new accounts, but it’s not necessary for me to continue doing so because the law is clear.  I “have” the right to Freedom of Speech.  This is First Amendment Account Harassment and Bullying by politician, judicial officers of the court and Insiders has gone waayyyy to far and is needlessly taking away the limited quality time that I have (harm).  Again, The First Amendment is clear and not up for further discussion or interpretation, unless a Judge has issued an Order saying that it is… in which case I can simply file that Order under the Federal Court cases so that the U.S. Supreme Court Justices can tell the harassers and bullies  that I do in fact have the right to Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment is not up for discussion.  Thanks for your co-operation, Twitter!!!


Title: Spencer’s Mom then, now and always!!!


Moving on to yet another reminder…

For some reason there appears to be additional confusion about my motives for continuing not only the Create Awareness Campaigns, but the Federal Court cases in general.  In as much, I’d like to re-iterate the same points that I have covered over the last few years with Insiders, politician, judicial officers, etc., so that there is no ambiguity in my rationale for the cases, etc. as is simple having a desire to have access to my inalienable Constitutional Rights (as an African American Descendant of Slaves) isn’t enough….

  1.  I forgave the Et. Al. Defendants in the cases years ago and will be happy to keep all of them in my prayers.
  2.  My legal decisions have nothing to do with ME needing more prayer and therapy.  I would advise that you shift all entitlement prayers directed at Spencer, me and my family to instead offering up prays for all Et. al. Defendants.  I would also consider offering therapy for each of the Et. Al. Defendants in all cases… as a means for them to cope with being legally held accountable, for their choices and their actions. Their choices and their actions are not my fault or my problem…. AND Seriously, I’m not being funny.  Some of the Et. al. Defendants will really require help with adjusting to the legal remedies for resolving conflict.
  3.  Since the Constitution of the United States is America is designed to provide citizens with access to inalienable constitutional rights, I will simply require the same access that is afforded “ALL” citizens of the United States of America, to ensure that Spencer is rightfully returned, we will no-longer have to live under threat, the fraudulent felony for requesting my legal right to see my own child, Spencer has been permanently removed from my record… so that I can pass background check for meaningful employment, have the ability to continue my education and can continue live in a safe community long into the future… IS priority number one.  Additionally, I will need the approximate millions dollars that has been fleeced from me and my family, with this fraudulent cases spanning 10 years, returned (minimally). Spencer… my family and I deserved to live a normal life, even if that means that a few people will have to rightfully go to prison, lose their licenses and return everything that they chose to steal.  Their choices are not my fault of my problems and AGAIN, if they need prayer and therapy to help them cope with the reality of their decisions, I would definitely make sure that they can receive the prayer and therapy that they desire.
  4. After 10 years of being given an opportunity to course correct their choices and actions at Spencer’s, my and my family’s expense, the errors are what they are.  Refer back to points 1-3 under number 1-3, above for additional feedback.
  5.  I’m not sure how many different ways have been offered over the years to my Attorney Ex, Politicians, Judges, Insiders, etc. to return Spencer, but there are only TWO OPTIONS left or available at this point…
  6. You can run out of time and Judge Walczyk can simply issue the Final Order that I should have revived January 8, 2019…
  7.  Or my Attorney Ex can drop him off to my Atlanta Dad with “Bear” and the items of his choice… so that Spencer won’t be further traumatized.  Spencer will then be transported across the State of Georgia line and safely into the State of North Carolina’s Legal jurisdiction, by a designated Insider… instead of me or members of my family further risking our lives under the State of Georgia legal jurisdiction. In all seriousness, I cannot step back into the State of Georgia jurisdiction until Judge Walczyk issues her final Order in Wake County, North Carolina because my ex-husband Attorney would erroneously file charges against me for kidnapping my own biological child, Spencer and given that I will have no way of defending myself against any erroneously charges (due to my 2013 Ban from filing or responding to court filings in the State of Georgia) filed at the Fulton County Courthouse without an Order from Judge Walczyk, U will not be able to pick-up Spencer. He will have to be delivered across State lines by an Insider. Refer back to points 1-3 under number 1-3, above for additional feedback. P.S. Don’t lie. We know all of this to be true because it’s exactly what my Attorney Ex-Husband has done and / or filed (Contempt) time and again, which is the subject of the Federal Court cases, Habeas Corpus.

 Moving On to additional updates below…

Hello Everyone!!!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the real Men who have stepped forward in society to provide “for All” Women, Children and Families!!!  I see you, appreciate you and thank you!!!

Continue being the powerful – positive example that you are…

Continue to set the bar high for the next generation of Women and Children who are looking to you for guidance…

Continue to be the standard…

Continue to lead by example, with good character and un-wavering values!  Again, thank you for being you!!!

Moving on

It has come to my attention that I should point out a few reminders.  Here’s a Special message for the African American Descendants of Slaves community.

Question X, Y or Z

______________________________ (Fill in the Blank) OR in response to statements like this…

My Response:

That’s exactly right!!!

Your rebuttal to my response to Question X, Y or Z

______________________________ (Fill in the Blank) and initial statements…

My Response:

And so… then why isn’t Protecting African American Descendants of Slaves Women and Children… Judicial Reform… Public Servant Accountability… Eliminating Mass Incarceration “Systems”…. Stabilizing Rebuilding, Restructuring & Holistically  transforming our devastated African American Descendants of Slaves Communities on the list! (! not ?)

Oh and if you are saying that it IS in fact on the list or apart of your agenda… by pointing to the few goals that you have listed above… then why has it taken 50 Years (since Dr. King’s death) to “accomplish” said goals, when Natural Leaders who are not even collecting a paycheck and benefits (healthcare, pension, perks, etc.) and / or have not been voted into positions of authority are “handling business” in a mere fraction of the time that it’s taken Elite Blacks and “friends of our community” to accomplish said goals! (! not ?)

Further… why do you want to have the SAME discussion over and over again. We see your fruit and / or your measurable results by looking at the dire state of the African American Descendants of Slaves rural and inner cities and / or our communities, nationwide. We also know and understand that the state of our community and / or its viability not only impacts the well being of our women, children and families, but this nation and the world.

I mean you all stay , super for no reason and you really don’t even have to… We are both working to help create a better America in our own way. Just chill with meddling into and constantly trying to manipulate the African American Descendants of Slaves Community Agenda. There is plenty of paid work for you with pushing forward your agenda, which shouldn’t require the consistent attempts to undermine the African American Descendants of Slaves Community Agenda.

Like Sit down for real. Thirty is not a good look. Again, Natural leaders are leading and that’s that and / or F.A.C.T.S.

Second rebuttal to my response to Question X, Y or Z

______________________________ (Fill in the Blank), initial statements and first rebuttal…


My Response:

Like I’ve previously mentioned… sigh, on several occasions…

“… when your works actually match your faith, then come talk to me.  Actually DON’T… because I’ll see your works and / or the fruit that YOU bear and will acknowledge you under the Top 5 Special – Special Thanks section of my updates.”

Also as a reminder…

“Luke 6:31… Negative Injunction, emphatic AND Responsive and / or Cayden’s Kindergarten No Bullying Policy, if you recall is STILL in effect… so go right ahead.


Happy Sunday!!!

P.S. Last reminder…  If you have to conduct a poll or study to gather information or the thoughts of others to formulate and inaccurate opinion on any current state or “works”… in an attempt to manipulate the outcome of your preferred “leadership” desires… then you are neither…

  1.  a Critical Thinker or 
  2.  a Natural Leader.  

 Again, sit down so that Natural Leaders can rise above you and take their rightful place as leaders in our families, communities, States, this nation and the world.  There are and will always be paid or ego driven “statuses”, recognition’s and acknowledgments that you can “earn” under the “For All” agenda, that don’t require the continuation of the destruction and demise of the African American Descendants of Slaves Community.

As previously mentioned, Natural Leaders are working… leading by example, with good character and in-wavering values on the African American Decedents of Slaves Community Agenda for the betterment of our women, children, families, communities, States, Nation and the world…. AND…


4.    (apparently a Required Recollection)… uh, YOU WHERE NEVER CHOSEN!  Chosen folks dropped, after the conductor said “All Aboard” and began moving.  While the Train was moving , someone came up with the “brilliant” idea that a less than full train needed or should be filled.  The train was then stopped so that that individual could have the opportunity to take a second glance at all of the options that where left behind.  Obviously a flawed critical thinker, they pointed to you… because you appeared to be Godly. You then leisurely strolled towards the train, jumped aboard for less than an hour, but then decided to jump back off the train once it began moving again because you looked around and saw the standard for Natural Leaders , saw what was required of Natural Leaders to be properly groomed to be groomed and then noted the work that would be required once the train stopped at its final destination.  Self absorbing and Ego driven, you got mad at the people on the train who left you and in that moment (as a Potential REPLACEMENT for the individuals who were actually CHOSEN, you weren’t) you decided to rally the individuals who were neither called, chosen or even looked at as a last minute replacement – ditch effort to fill the train with Natural Leaders.  Those who know and understand our history know why, but STILL the notion was a bad idea, given the hindsight results.  Just let THIS… that be a clear lesson learned when selecting Natural Leaders to lead in the future.


6.   YOU CHOSE NOT TO ANSWER THE CALL and other Natural Leaders (due to your bad character and wavering values) have risen above you to take their rightful place as leaders.

7.   YOU CHOSE NOT TO ANSWER THE CALL because you were ill prepared to lead… or unwilling to take on the required responsibilities of properly leading… or you where un-willing to make the necessary sacrifices required to lead…  AND other Natural Leaders rose above you to take their rightful place as leaders.

Either way… have several-several seats!!!  Enough with the rumor, lies, endless prayers without actual meaningful works, requests for therapy sessions and excuses.  We SEE the fruit that you bear!

 Moving on to Top 5 Special- Special Thanks!!!

  1. Special – Special Thanks (once again) to Kim Kardashian West for leading by example, with good character and un-wavering values on the issues that matter most to We the People!!!  You have proven that it’s your earned legacy, not simply your legacy and I can’t thank you enough!!!


2.    Special – Special Thanks to President Trump. Ivanka Trump, Attorney Erin Haney, Attorney Jessica Jackson, Cut 50, Buried Alive Project Attorney’s (Brittany Barnett, Co-Founder) and the Decarceration Collective Attorney’s (Lead Council MiAngel Cody) for training Kim Kardashian West and working diligently to secure the release of non-violent prisoners… one person, one family at a time!!! I SEE you and I thank you!!!


3.    Special – Special Thanks (once again) to 20 Year old Jaden Smith, the son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith for donating another Water Box Mobil Filtration System, his second in honor of Ellen DeGeneres. The Water Box Mobil Filtration System can filter 10 gallons of water per minute, which allows citizens without access to clean water to fill up containers full of clean water quickly and in an environmentally conscious, sustainable way. Until a permanent solution to providing clean water to the citizens of Flint is funded and built, citizens can fill up containers full of clean water ever Wednesday and Thursday, from 11:30 AM  to 1:00 PM at the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church in Flint, Michigan. I SEE you and I thank you!!!


 4.    Special – Special Thanks to Christine Michel Carter and Forbes for more accurately redefining the stereotypes of African American Descendant of Slaves Women… their resilience… their work ethic… their determination to persevere… their dedication to and love of family… AND their ingrained, unique, historical proven ability to overcome challenges succeed in life, despite the odds.


 5.    Special – Special Thanks to College Board (Administrator of the SAT) for implementing the Environmental Context Dashboard, which is designed (hopefully) to help gauge student aptitude, willingness and ability to succeed collegially, despite the odds.

I know that this next statement is going to come as an absolutely complete surprise to many of you, but most African American Descendants of Slaves are actually highly intelligent. Additionally, African American Descendants of Slaves (again) speak and / or communicate with the use of terms, for historic reasons.

Culturally speaking, the century’s old use of Terms as a form of communication is directly linked to the development of high level critical thinking skills.  In as much, Critical thinking skills, as learned during the early years of childhood development is a culturally acceptable – normal language development benefit to the community. One should also note that as a prized skill set, Critical Thinkers at every age are often natural leaders who flourish in and outside of the African American Descendants of Slaves Community under a broad array of professions.

In summation, I would like to thank College Board (Administrator of the SAT) for finally looking beyond the standardized test scores of African American Descendants of Slaves, to determine the actual ability of our students to succeed beyond preconceived stereotypes, unfounded judgments and the historically proven ails of this nation. 


 Moving on to a brand new update feature…

 Please be on the lookout for a BRAND NEW SECTION, which features entrepreneurs who have a limited or no marketing budget, resources or connections to promote their business. If you are and entrepreneur and you are helping to advance the African American Descendants of Slaves Community (in some capacity), I see you and look forward to featuring your small business in a future update!!!

 Moving on to an update from Judge Walczyk on her long overdue Order….

I have spoken at great length to the Wake County, North Carolina Court, which currently has legal jurisdiction over the cases, but have heard nothing in return and have no additional information to provide.

Sigh, but Happy Sunday!!!


Title: Spencer’s Mom


End of Message