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Recent Video Proof of Intentional Habeas Corpus


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 Beginning of March 6, 2019 Update…


Hello Everyone!!!

I’ve decided to release additional recent video proof of intentional Habeas Corpus as follows…

I found Spencer, again. I saw him last year from a distance for the very first time in several years, November 3, 2018 at his Atlanta United U-12 Development Academy match. Yes, he remembers me.  He initially waved to me during his match game. After his match, he waved profusely again, non-stop for over 1 minute as I blew kisses and yelled aloud that I loved him from a distance. There are a lot more details and even supporting video footage, but I’ve decided to only release one video today and its of my encounter on November 10, 2018 along with a recent picture of Spencer next to old pictures, followed by updated background information.

As you may recall, we share the same smile!!!

Here’s a copy of my December 19, 2016 and February 7, 2017 (Date Stamped Publicly below on February 8, 2017) Video Message to Spencer located here…

and here…

and here…

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I should also re-mention that I am a former athlete (two sports) and several members of my family are natural athletes. As expected, Spencer is and has always been naturally gifted in several sports and I am so very proud of him!!!

However, back to the main point of this update…

After randomly finding Spencer, I notified my Attorney ex-husband, the U.S. Court of Appeals Panel Judges and the Atlanta United Administration that I would be attending Spencer’s matches during the entire month of November.   For some odd reason I thought that it would be safe for me to attend Spencer’s matches given that all parties were fully aware of the Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights cases pending before the U.S. Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit. Generally speaking, lower State Courts do not hear and / or rule on cases that are pending before higher courts, per State and Federal statute.

Admittedly, I should have been more than concerned (with good reason) about being in the vicinity of the Fulton County Courthouse Judges and their proven retaliatory antics and cover-up tactics.  However, their ruthless consequences appeared to be well worth even the slightest chance that I could have the ability to glimpse the sight of my own child, whom I (again) have not been allowed to see in approximately 6 years.

I should also mention that I felt well within my authority to try to legally see Spencer given that there is NOT, nor has there EVER been a no-contact order filed against me at the Fulton County Courthouse or any other courthouse.  This is due in part to the fact that I have never harmed Spencer (or anyone else for that matter) and I’m not, nor have I ever been mentally insane.

Additionally, my Attorney ex-husband could never figure out how to successfully, legally use this nations (as is the case in other States) tax payer funded court system to prove that using my First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech (to speak out about the rampant corruption in our most vital systems of government) or using the judicial system to legally and non-violently resolve conflicts was and / or even still is an insane notion.  Alternatively, my Attorney ex-husband simply figured out how to deny all of my legal parental rights by hiding out (Habeas Corpus) with Spencer during my court ordered, designated days and instructing the officials at my sons private schools and in this instance, Atlanta United (Habeas Corpus on their private property) not to allow me to see Spencer or be involved in his life in any way, shape or form… ever because (WHY???) I am “Mentally Insane” (although I have no history (medical or otherwise) of mental illness, have never been diagnosed with a mental illness and a 5 State licensed, 40-year profession evaluated me over 5 intensive sessions and found that I am not mentally insane.

Immediately after I provided my Attorney ex-husband, the U.S. Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit Judges and Atlanta United notice that I would be attending Spencer’s November soccer matches, he (as expected) filed a contempt Motion under Fulton County Superior Court Georgia Case No. 2019CV314842, as exhibited in this January 8, 2019 Case Filing with the US Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit Notice of Filing of Wake County NC – PUBLIC – Filed and Date Stamped – Motion for Expedited Hearing Motion for Contempt and Proposed Order – 1-8-19  , which claimed that I was and still am mentally insane and a threat, based on my November 3, 2018 and November 10, 2018 attendance and attempted attendance at Spencer’s Atlanta United Soccer Match Games.  It should also be noted that he filed the contempt Motions under the infamous (resulted in my fraudulent arrest and incarceration without due process for requested my right to see Spencer and ban from filing anything at the courthouse) 2013 Case Number, which is the SAME case number that he always uses to attempt to have me incarcerated, as well as levy erroneous court expenses against me. The results of his false allegations pertaining to my November 3, 2018 and November 10, 2018 attendance and attempted attendance are clear in this recently released audio recording…

Audio Recording Originating from New Fulton County Court Filings under a Brand New Secret (Sealed) 2019 Case Number

After exposing the actual video footage of my “insane behavior” at Spencer’s November 3, 2018 and November 10, 2018 soccer matches to Insiders (only), my Attorney ex-husband filed another (There are 6 or 7 other cases, I believe.) whole new secret (sealed) case at the Fulton County Georgia Courthouse with his friends and professional colleagues who have been there to support him in every way possible with violating my “inalienable” constitutional rights and levying erroneous forms of retaliation against me including taking all of my parental rights away from be in year 2017 and restricting my ability to actually see my own child since year 2013, etc.. This legal tactic leaves me with no way (Again, I’ve been banned from filing anything at the Fulton County courthouse since YEAR 2013) to defend myself again any of the false allegation filed against me and / or no way to possible refute my Attorney Ex-Husbands actual lies with video evidence, subpoenaed witness statements, Orders of the Court or anything remotely required to provide an adequate (not even a superb) defense.  As a mention, the new, secret (sealed) case number that my Ex-Husband Attorney presumably filed to counter the lower court 2018 Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights cases that are pending in the State of North Carolina is Fulton County Superior Court Georgia Case No. 2019CV314842, as exhibited in this January 8, 2019 Case Filing with the  US Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit Notice of Filing of Wake County NC – PUBLIC – Filed and Date Stamped – Motion for Expedited Hearing Motion for Contempt and Proposed Order – 1-8-19

As a reminder, the 2018 State of North Carolina cases pertain to the unresolved issues that were raised in all of the Federal Court cases spanning 8-10 years, as related to Spencer’s Best Interests (only), which could not be resolved at the Federal Court level.  As you may recall, the Judges in both States and in Federal Court were provided with proof of domestic violence, child abuse / neglect, habeas corpus (hiding out with Spencer), drug use, hair follicle drug testing (as upheld by the Supreme Court of Georgia), etc. via Order of the Court, testimony from Spencer’s Pediatrician, Teachers, Police Officers, Police Reports, Videos etc., but States have the Right to Govern as they Please.

In response, Chief Judge Thrash of the U.S. District Court Northern District of Georgia Atlanta Division relinquished jurisdiction over the cases in YEAR 2017.  The Federal Court above the State of North Carolina, the U.S. District Court Eastern District of North Carolina accepted jurisdiction, heard the case at the Federal Trial Court level.  However, before their Chief Judge issued a ruling, I moved the cases to the U.S. Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit using a rarely used statute that applies to ruling via Order of the Court from a Federal Magistrate Judge (Judge Kimberly Swank… SHE), based on more proof of unethical judicial misconduct.

With the cases moving past the Federal trial court level and headed to the U.S. Supreme Court again for the Third time as a Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights case, my main concern was and still is the unresolved issues pertaining to the Best Interest of a Child and / or Spencer.  I know (from experience) that the U.S. Court of Appeals will not decide any matters pertaining to Spencer, given States Rights to Govern as it Pleases.  The Judges main concern was and still is ensuring that their “professional” colleagues and the reputation of the profession as whole is protected. The cases are now (again) in Wake County, NC per Federal Statue and legal jurisdiction.

So why hasn’t Wake County, North Carolina’s assigned Judge acted in Spencer’s Best Interests  and / or issued an Order (minimally) on the matters pertaining to Spencer?  Welp, what this judge has decided to do is continue issuing multiple continuances ( see here or here )  in the case so that SHE (Yes, that’s right… SHE) can drag out the cases for another year or two until SHE feels more comfortable using her “Discernment” to determine that the incidents of abuse, neglect, domestic violence, habeas corpus, etc. “happened so LOOOOONNNNGGGGG ago” that (rationale for issuing multiple continuances, months apart) the issues presented as evidence in the case are no longer and issue and / or a non-issue.  She could then use her “Discernment” to disregard the evidence in the case and determine that she no-longer had or has legal jurisdiction over the non-issues and / or basically Spencer’s Best Interests.  Keep in mind that this is the same Defense strategy and tactics used multiple judges in multiple states over the past 8-10 years. I know and understand the ramification behind the legal Defense strategy and tactic as it’s the reason why my Ex-Husband Attorney and his judicial friends and colleagues have been successful with intentionally and maliciously preventing me from being able to legally see my own child, Spencer in approximately SIX (6) YEARS. In as much and / or hence the rightful placement of the Habeas Corpus / Civil Rights cases in Federal Court and specifically before the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

I’m not going to rehash any additional details about how all of this is possible.  You’ve read my updates over the years.  Just know and understand that my circumstances are unique ONLY in that I am an Insider.  Now imagine what a normal, everyday citizen who is NOT an Insider experiences on a day to day basis in and out of our judicial system, in this nation.

Okay, so here’s the shortened video clip from November 10, 2018. In the video, Atlanta United Training Grounds Security guard(s), including the Director of Security look for my name on a list at the front gate and then promptly deny (Habeas Corpus) entrance to their public match on their private property.  They also made sure to have a local Police Officer present during the entire denial exchange, which is pretty “unusual” by any stretch of the imagination for a 10, now 11-year old’s soccer match. I’ll reserve additional feedback.

November 10, 2018 Recent Proof of Intentional Habeas Corpus at Atlanta United Training Grounds…

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